TVGB: Interview / Marc Franklin Director of PR at Nintendo

TVGB writes: "Last Friday, I had the treat of meeting with Marc Franklin, Nintendo's Director of PR. Given Nintendo's new announcements, the soon-upon-us DSi, a gradually-increasing third party presence on the Wii, and his twelve years of experience in the industry, I was certainly curious and eager to hear what he had to say.

We got to talking about a number of things. With regard to the Wii, I ask about the seemingly-shaky relationship it has with third parties, how all the big franchises have already gotten major releases and so soon, and what the expected life span of the system is. On the DSi front, I ask about Nintendo's ultimate goal with the machine, and how it appears to be a bit of a media player, something that Nintendo has staunchly opposed in the past. On top of that, we talk digital distribution, and Marc's own take on the industry and where he sees things going. Oh, and I tried to get in something about a new Zelda on the Wii."

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