Oh, So Dead Rising 2 Might NOT Have Multiplayer

Kotaku writes: "Wasn't that news about Dead Rising 2 featuring multiplayer just great? Well, sorry, it turns out it may well have been wrong, with the lady responsible for the statement now issuing a correction.

It was Laura Scholl (from tech company mental mill, who are helping with the game) who, last week, said Dead Rising 2 could feature up to 6000 zombies on screen at any one time during "multiplayer". Turns out that was a slip of the tongue, and she meant to say "multiplatform"."

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Xandet3517d ago

I still find it highly likely that a co-op mode will be made and it will rock. It was the only thing (besides hellish save points) that was keeping the original from true greatness, IMO.

OGharryjoysticks3517d ago

It just comes in the form of fee based DLC

KionicWarlord2223517d ago

fine with it ....6000 ZOMBIES ON SCREEN!!! head is going to explode.