Game Focus: Resistance: Retribution Review

Game Focus writes: "At last year's Penny Arcade Expo, I managed to get an early sneak peak at Sony Bend's Resistance: Retribution. After playing through an early build of the game my first impression was 'this is going to be great'. Now that the full release is in stores, my initial thoughts have not only been confirmed but Retribution is a great addition to the shooter genre made even better on the PSP."


+ Cover Mechanics are done really well
+ Added bonus when playing with an 'infected' PSP and reason to play through the story more than once
+ Fun and Smooth running Multiplayer
+ Plenty of frantic and stunning fire-fights
+ Faithful to the series in every way


- Problems switching targets with the Auto-aim
- Minor clipping/collision detection issues
- Infected Mode makes the game significantly easier – Requires Resistance 2 to enjoy
- Might offend some French people with questions likes of dialogue.

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