Midway Deserves to Die

Gameplayer writes:
"You may have heard about the mass lay-offs and redundancies that hit the gaming industry. On face value it may seem like a tremendous bummer that all those programmers are out of work. But when you think about it, this is actually wonderful news..."

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3522d ago

Microsoft and Midway need to die.When they do,nobody is coming to their funeral

Eiffel3521d ago

Companies can be a person? Glad to see you're a smart one..

Etseix3521d ago

its an expression dude, like saying
*xbox needs to die* , technically the xbox cannot dye (just turn to garbage when havin RRoD), still, did Lord Shuhei hurt ur feelings? cuz u seem to jump on to defend those companies right away :P

Eiffel3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

Right away?....he posted his comment 17 hours ago.... I posted mine 3 hours ago.

Again, glad to see another smart one...

Etseix3521d ago

i type right away because its the first thing u post, instead of saying anything about the article, u jump only on the comments of others,
17 hours ago where last day, u just enter today and comment,
or u have been on this site all the night?
like u say, glad to see a smart one

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Cajun Chicken3522d ago

I disagree. Midway were more than excellent in 2004, I'm sure they can get back there again.

Sigh. Interplay opens again, Midway closes. just can't have all the publishers, can you?

barom3522d ago

I hope this website dies, at least then we would remove a large portion of N4G's trash articles. Seriously though, Midway has made some fairly good games in the past. They just didn't get the attention they deserved. Specifically Shadow Hearts series and Psi Ops and to some degree The Suffering. And I personally had a lot of fun with Stranglehold

KionicWarlord2223522d ago

they gave us mortal combat. midway was good in my book.

Elven63522d ago

Wtf, maybe Game Player should die so everyone who writes for it and makes a living can see how it is to lose your job and budget your remaining cash for simple things like food. Companies are laying off left right and center, no one is hiring and those that are hiring are taking the best of the best. This guy is making it sound like finding a job is easy, tell that to everyone in the unemployment line buddy! For many what ever Midway is they still put food on the table for them.

That being, Midway was run by corrupt management, it was really in 08 old management bailed leaving only the new guys. Now these new guys don't take power right away, they are put through a probationary phase before being let go. Booty and his management team became official weeks before Chapter 11, definitely not enough time for them to turn things around. Games like Wheelman and Mortal Kombat vs. DC are proof enough Midway is changing, very few bugs and popular games to boot. The problem is when Midway does make good games (75-80+ on MC)no one bothers noticing, when they make bad games everyone suddenly notices them.

The article itself is crap, his reasoning is roughly a paragraph long on why Midway deserves to die. Shame on this jack a$s for wishing ill upon others who are just trying to make a living, its not the developers fault management rushes out a game.

Omegasyde3522d ago

Before the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube gen...

Midway was perhaps one of the better 3rd party developers.

Unfortunately, Midway let Ed Boon ruin Mortal Kombat and let EA get NFL license exclusively. Those were Midway's cash cows and hurt the company serverly. The only saving grace was Epic and Unreal Tournament.

Midway shouldn't die and wishing that a company goes bankrupt and people lose their jobs is just wrong. If they do go away I do hope some studio buys thier Great I.P.'s like Blitz, NBA Jam, Mortal Kombat, Spy Hunter and gauntlet. And Rampage :)

Omegasyde3522d ago

Forgot My favorite fighter of all time: Primal Rage

Sucks2BU3522d ago

I think you kind of missed the point a little. Midway was the example, but the article talks about basic survival of the fittest mentality. As in, companies who are making consistently good game experiences will survive and come out the otherside as the next superstars, and those trying to get by on lesser experiences will be sifted out.

They made but decisions and are paying the penalty. Hopefully the key brands and best staff will pop up somewhere else.

Elven63522d ago

In this day and age where Nintendo, Activision, EA and all those other developers top the charts with their shovelware or annualized products you could make the greatest game ever and be lucky to crack 100k. The market has changed thanks to the Wii, companies want to cash off on the Wii as well as try and appeal to audiences from other consoles which this article fails to mention.

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AyeKay473522d ago deserves to die. Midway gave us some awesome games.

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