Ivent Developer: "Developing for the PS3 is not difficult"

When Sony announced four new PS3 titles during GDC 2009, The Playstation 3 Guy started doing his research about the games and found out all about Ivent's Strength of the Sword. How? He went straight to the source and interviewed Ivent's Kaloyan Ganchev, Game Designer and developer for 'Strength of the Sword'.

The best part of the interview? Kaloyan cleared up ANY confusion about the game, including...

- If SOTS is a PSN title or a full-fledge PS3 title.
- If SOTS will support Trophies or not.
- If SOTS will support Home or not.
- If SOTS will support Sixaxis or not.
- How it is developing for the Playstation 3 console.
- If SOTS is a PS3-exclusive or not.
- Why Ivent decided to go with an animted look for the game.
- Titles that inspired SOTS's gameplay.

PLUS More! If interested, then you know what to do!

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Exactly.Only the skilled or the cream of the crop have success on the Playstation 3.Capcom,Crytek,Insomniac,DICE ,and Criterion all agree that Playstation 3 development is not difficult.And EA,Namco,Take 2 all agree that Playstation is profitable for 3rd parties.The lies from Microslaves have been brought to light.

TheHater3550d ago

need to see more of this game to get excited.

Saigon3550d ago

but did anybody get the feeling son was paying for this title while reading the interview...this was a PR plug...

[email protected]3550d ago

not video as far I know... but here are some pics:

GWAVE3550d ago

Game looks decent.

The whole "OMG! The PS3 is SOOOOOO hard to develop for" nonsense was so overblown in the first place by a few loudmouthed people *cough*Valve*cough*.

DelbertGrady3550d ago

It's not difficult as long as you're aiming for PS2 graphics like this guy.

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Wildarmsjecht3550d ago

I'm actually interested in Strength of the Sword. The art style reminds me of Mark of Kri and that game was great.

Unbiased13550d ago

"We personally like the PlayStation brand very much because we think it is one of the brands that has given the video games industry so many great consoles and games. Being a PlayStation3 developer and part of the PlayStation family makes us very happy and honored as developers and people." - SOLD. After reading this i am buying it.

blackpanther253550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

as long as gameplay is good i'll buy it.

Edit: oh yeah im gonna play kilzone 2 like crazy to beet ure ranking carl

DelbertGrady3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

So, you are calling yourself Unbiased1 and you are buying this game because the developer likes Sony and the Playstation brand? Remove the "Un".

Unbiased13550d ago

So you are saying developers are biased? I am respecting them for telling it how it is, what is their reason(motivation). Should i consider Cliffy B biased because he likes 360 and making games for that system? Should i stop buying awesome Gears of War games because of that? Hell no!
I just like when developers are honest, and this guy are, so i will buy this game to give them support, just like how i am going to next Gears game. Now go and grow up.

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The story is too old to be commented.