Kotaku: Q-Games Updates Us On PixelJunk Eden, Dungeons And 4

Kotaku writes: "While waiting to speak with Q-Games Dylan Cuthbert and PixelJunk Eden artist Baiyon, we burned through a new level from the PixelJunk Eden Encore expansion, enjoying the new "mirror mode" gameplay.

The new addition to the third PixelJunk brand game feels like a natural fit, both comfortable and innovative, not unlike the trio of downloadable games we've seen Q-Games deliver on the PlayStation Network. The newest Encore, which adds five new gardens and two new gameplay modes-the other being a "zero G" modifier-was in response to Eden's general popularity".

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3545d ago

I'm glad to have a Playstation 3 and play the masterful and innovative Pixeljunk games while the 360 only has junk.

thePatriot3545d ago

that they are making money. (and that other people are buying these great games) Would hate to see these guys close shop and move on to something generic to pay the bills if you know what I mean