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Submitted by Fullish 2434d ago | article

Games IGN ruined: God Hand Edition

Gamer Limit writes "If I told you that the team responsible for Resident Evil 4, including Mr. Resident Evil himself, Shinja Mikami worked on God Hand, I'm sure you'd be shocked. Despite it's impressive pedigree, God Hand has gotten a poor rap in the critical community.

It's average reviews have vastly been cited due to it's 'extreme difficulty'..." (God Hand, PS2)

syvergy  +   2434d ago
Looks like its worth a jaunt :)
Danja  +   2434d ago
It's definetly worth a buy if you can find it , it's made my the awesome gaming studio Clover b4 they were closed by Capcom...

The gameplay overall is like old school beat em up , with some really cool combos and hilarious enemies , the story is sorta weak , but the gameplay and length of the game makes up for it , it's about 10hr on your 1st play through.
HardcoreGamer  +   2434d ago
trust me man this needs word
i bought both okami and this around the same time , my bro played okami tho,

i tell you what i had so much fun on this game only feeling quite awkward as i was thinking maybe i like mediocre games? but this game was way way way above average, playing like dmc in terms of fun, add a huge set of comedy and adult humour to twist (oh funka it. go check utube vids im sure there is lots of clips that will make you gooo waaah>)]

game is awesome man i and i didnt understand reviews. thats how clover got stomped this game was the concept idea for what neros hand weapon in dmc4

i completed this and i know its hard but its well perfect that its not too hard you upgrade aswell i bet the reviewer wasnt good enough
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Rikitatsu  +   2433d ago
It is the best Beat em up of its own vein
Truly underrated.
chrisjc  +   2434d ago
What an underrated game. It was reported that the IGN reviewer didn't even get to level 3.
kaironn  +   2434d ago
God Hand=Godly

That IGN review was such a travesty.
syvergy  +   2434d ago
Good ol' IGN - The reviewer looks at the box then picks a score out of a hat.
testerg35  +   2434d ago
Oh.. I didn't know that's how they rated KZ2. Damn..
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Honolulu  +   2434d ago
This is an awesome game, the difficulty curve is waaay steeper than most games and it's not a very forgiving experience for casual to moderate gamers. But, when you've gone past the first level of the game and everything starts to make sense, this is one of the greatest action titles on the ps2.
The presention is ok, really good looking character models but the environments are a low. Overall, it's a hard kickass game that will make you feel like you've accomplished something when you've finished a level or beaten a boss. +lots of style and awesome soundtrack. :)
dylantalon  +   2434d ago
xbl/psn - dylantalon
i stop trusting after their LAIR review. i love lair which isnt great but mediocre and deserves no less than a 7.5. the controls were good, the sound and graphics were great.

ps. the talon stands for talented
Chubear  +   2434d ago
IGN were the first "top" gaming sites to review Lair and after their review, not only did I see a lot of reviews simply copying 'n pasting segments of the review for their own reviews but it also went down hill from actual reviews to more a "Who can diss Lair the hardest" contest.

With the flood of bad reviews for this game even I was very apprensive when picking up this game. Hell, as if there was't enough pressure even the game clerk guys did every thing to make sure I didn't buy it even offering me a used copy instead for 5 bucks cheaper.

Well, I remember how much of a gaint fool I felt for letting editorial reviewers and some morbid gamers on forums convince me that Killzone 1 was the worst FPS ever created and after I rented that game months later I swore I'd never let ANY editorial gaming sites dictate and tell me what was a good or bad game and certainly stopped listening to rabid chatter on gaming forums about my games.

Well, needless to say as soon as I popped in the disc I just laughed and said "I KNEW IT! They're full of *hit" Challenging game but I have no clue how anyone that calls themselves a gamer couldn't figure out the controls for this game. How many gamers were cheated out of this experience and others like it in the future cause of the pimple faced reviewer at IGN? Shame indeed.
poeo  +   2434d ago
talon stands for talented huh?

i saw you on KZ2 online dude, a couple weeks ago. and im not kidding when i say that i completely owned you! lol sorry man. i remember downing you, and a medic comes and revives you, and then i meleed you in the head LOL.

im not kidding!
Chubear  +   2434d ago
I was under the impression they'd be talking about more than just one game.
poeo  +   2434d ago
that review actually got me interested in that game, in that "wow this game must suck so much that its actually good" way...

...then next thing i found out that it's NOT a sucky game, but a cult classic of sorts, loved by many people. reviews can really manipulate you into thinking in a prejudiced way, i certainly learnt that.
Gambit07  +   2434d ago
Always wanted to pick this game up, really looks hilarious.
hadouken007  +   2434d ago
i got this game
its good they should update the graphics and put it on PSN.
KKanjiAnkh  +   2434d ago
This game got pigeon-holed, because right after Okami, was finished, Clover Studios, was basically dispanded, and no-one heard from this crew, until they where forming a new group called Seeds, which is now Platinum Studios.

Anyhoo, I loved nut tapping the Gorilla
The exploding Chihuahua's
Customizable, movesets
Flamin Power Rangers
and cometic, Fist of the North Star, setting.
Dimly  +   2434d ago
IGN really blew it here.
dylantalon  +   2434d ago
xbl/psn - dylantalon
their review of gta 4 says it all. the review of killzone 2 graphics rating says it all. they rated gears of war 2 a 9.5 and i bought it and then realised also that the online was broken and it still is broken.

ps. the talon stands for talented
jc48573  +   2434d ago
there are actually a few games that are truly underrated and this game is ONE of them. Disregarding the weird sense of humor that the game has, it is one of those games that most martial art fans would love to play. if you ever had the chance to see this game either online or locally, GET IT cause the game is rare. The game is actually not perfect and it does have flaws, but it's still worth your time and money on it cause it has over 100 different moves you can select from to execute your most effective combo. This game is not as hard as you think cause I actually beat it on the first day i got it on normal mode, then i also beat hard mode the following day. I really feel bad for the mix reviews but hey actually gave this game an 8, which is also the same score i have in mind.
Magna Farta  +   2434d ago
I remember reading IGN's review of this and I vowed never to listen to another one of their cruddy reviews ever again.

This game sits proudly on my shelf, not collecting dust because I still play it from time to time. This game was hands-down one of the best brawlers I ever played....and it burns me up when the hardcore Clover Studio fans refer to this as "the game that killed Clover".

This game had found something that most Animes lose sight of, and it's balance. This game had the right balance of action, humor, and story to make it great. The voice actors did one hell of a job bringing some sense of identity to the characters, which is usually where most "very japanese" games tend to fall short.

This game was a knockout, and I can almost guarantee you'll find it at any Gamestop for probably about $12 or so. Go pick it up and I guarantee you'll have a blast with it.
riksweeney  +   2434d ago
God Hand wasn't hard, it adjusted the difficulty based upon how well you played, so if you were doing well, it got harder, and vice versa.

It was easily one of the best games on the PS2.
ultimolu  +   2433d ago
I have the game but it's ultra rare to find.
This game is really good but it's hard as hell. One of the bst beat em' ups I ever played.
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Austin_SJ  +   2433d ago
I think it's tough to review a game that is designed to appeal to a certain sort of person. Didn't IGN also score football manager stupidly low because they didn't understand it?
thereapersson  +   2433d ago


Related video
M-Easy  +   2433d ago
This game was/is awesome. We need a sequel to this and Psi-ops.

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