Games IGN ruined: God Hand Edition

Gamer Limit writes "If I told you that the team responsible for Resident Evil 4, including Mr. Resident Evil himself, Shinja Mikami worked on God Hand, I'm sure you'd be shocked. Despite it's impressive pedigree, God Hand has gotten a poor rap in the critical community.

It's average reviews have vastly been cited due to it's 'extreme difficulty'..."

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syvergy3182d ago

Looks like its worth a jaunt :)

Danja3182d ago

It's definetly worth a buy if you can find it , it's made my the awesome gaming studio Clover b4 they were closed by Capcom...

The gameplay overall is like old school beat em up , with some really cool combos and hilarious enemies , the story is sorta weak , but the gameplay and length of the game makes up for it , it's about 10hr on your 1st play through.

HardcoreGamer3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

i bought both okami and this around the same time , my bro played okami tho,

i tell you what i had so much fun on this game only feeling quite awkward as i was thinking maybe i like mediocre games? but this game was way way way above average, playing like dmc in terms of fun, add a huge set of comedy and adult humour to twist (oh funka it. go check utube vids im sure there is lots of clips that will make you gooo waaah>)]

game is awesome man i and i didnt understand reviews. thats how clover got stomped this game was the concept idea for what neros hand weapon in dmc4

i completed this and i know its hard but its well perfect that its not too hard you upgrade aswell i bet the reviewer wasnt good enough

chrisjc3182d ago

What an underrated game. It was reported that the IGN reviewer didn't even get to level 3.

kaironn3182d ago

God Hand=Godly

That IGN review was such a travesty.

syvergy3182d ago

Good ol' IGN - The reviewer looks at the box then picks a score out of a hat.

testerg353182d ago

Oh.. I didn't know that's how they rated KZ2. Damn..

3182d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.