Saints Row 2: Ultor Exposed

Saints Row 2 is about to get its first downloadable add-on. Due out April 16, the Ultor Exposed expansion will add three new missions, a mission metagame, six vehicles, more hairstyles and outfits, and new multiplayer maps. Oh, Tera Patrick will also be a new in-game character and one of your homies. No big deal. All of that comes with the price of 800 Microsoft points or $9.99. To learn more about this add-on, we went to THQ and got the answers from James Torbit, DLC Producer on Saints Row 2.

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BlazeKush4203252d ago

They need to add trophies for the PS3....

HBK6193251d ago

True, although the game is still fantastic without them, it would add that extra dash of awesome to the game to have it included and I so reckon I would get the platinum too, the game is just that good I would be on it all the time to get the trophies.

Jamegohanssj53252d ago

Where are my god damned trophies? I don't care about them, but where are they?


Ashby_JC3252d ago

BEing that this game is in the same genre at GTA series....this is a joke compared to what you get for 20 for GTA4.

This expansion pack is what ppl THOUGHT GTA4 was initally gonna be...we know better now.

TenSteps3252d ago

So they're going to kill off Dex in this one, I was hoping they'd save that for SR3

Uzesgelen_Goo3251d ago

there isn't anything about Dex getting killed in article so stop spreading wrong information.

TenSteps3251d ago

But come on Ultor Exposed? One Dex does work for Ultor and two Volition said that they would try to tie up some loose ends with the DLC.

Uzesgelen_Goo3251d ago

well just wait and see. personally i want too see Dex too and what happened to him and what he become.

farhsa20083251d ago

saints row 2 destroys gta 4 in everything except graphics, I am so glad I sold that POS that is gta 4 and got SR2!

LeShin3251d ago

Can't wait for this DLC. The new vehicles look like real fun. Been looking for another excuse to revisit 'The Row'!

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