148Apps: 10 Balls, 7 Cups Review

148Apps writes: "It goes without saying that 10 Balls, 7 Cups was never meant to be an in-depth game, but if you're looking for some good, solid skeeball action, you should definitely consider it. 10 balls go by really quickly, which makes it near-perfect as a pick-up-and-play game for those thirty seconds of horrific nothingness that manage to sneak into our lives every now and then. Don't ask me why, but the ticket collection feature is somehow priceless; even in real life, collecting tickets is just worth it, even if all you get is a bunch of old candy and some fake vampire fangs…or, in this case, a nonexistant lollipop or an imaginary pet dragon. 10 Balls, 7 Cups a simple game, but it presents a pretty awesome rendition of an arcade classic-and all for the price of a buck.

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