16-Bit Classic Military Madness Comes To PSN, XBLA, WiiWare

Ryan Rigney reports for Cinemablend on the exciting revelation that the game that Advance Wars ripped off will be providing strategy fans with dozens of hours of gameplay when Military Madness is released on a download service near you.

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RKRigney3550d ago

I actually first found it through the Virtual Console on the Wii. It's a totally legitimate strategy game. I couldn't believe how well it held up. There needs to be more hype for this upcoming version. Hell, I'd pay a full $60 for it: it has a full-length campaign and they're adding all kinds of multiplayer.

OldWizard3550d ago

CinemaBlend is my eight and a halfed favorite website.

RKRigney3550d ago

What's your 9th favorite?

PrimordialSoupBase3550d ago

What about eighth and three quarters?

RKRigney3550d ago

If you like Advance Wars you WILL like this. Guaranteed.

thereapersson3550d ago

I think it fared decently when the US Official Playstation Magazine reviewed it. It would be nice to play this after all these years!


Wrongo. This is for the TurboGrafx-16 system. That console that had all those fun hentai games in Japan and Dracula X. But this was one of the few gems that did come to the US.

RKRigney3550d ago

wrongo to you, pelvic thrust. It DID in fact, come out for the PSX as well as the TG-16. It was a re-release


Hmm,never knew there was a rerelease of the game. That's interesting to know.

SpoonyRedMage3550d ago

That's nice an all but from a little bit of research(from Wikipedia so it might not be completely right) but Nintendo Wars debuted in 1988 whilst Military Madness debuted in 1989.

RKRigney3550d ago

Military Madness came out in japan in '87

SpoonyRedMage3550d ago

Okay, just wondering, because it says 1989 in your article as well. I was a bit confused, because I thought/knew Nintendo wars was ancient.

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