Interview: BioWare On Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age and SWTOR

It's a little mindboggling to think of how big BioWare has gotten over the past few years.

On the one hand, the company is developing two major RPGs in Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2. That alone would be impressive.

But on top of those games, BioWare is also tackling a new Star Wars MMO--a project so daunting, and potentially lucrative, that it almost dwarfs the more traditional efforts.

At last week's Game Developers Conference, Shacknews caught up with BioWare founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk. While they could have easily spent their limited time asking about just one of the games, they tried to cover all three with a few questions apiece--starting with the old-school RPG being demonstrated next door.

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STICKzophrenic3546d ago

I'm freakin' stoked for Mass Effect 2. That might be my GOTY for 2010.

cayal3546d ago

How about playing it first before naming it GOTY.

STICKzophrenic3546d ago


It means there's a possibility. I didn't say it was definitely my GOTY. Reading comprehension might serve you well in the future.

I've played Mass Effect numerous times, and it's one of my favorite games. If Mass Effect 2 ONLY builds upon the great story, it'd be a phenomenal game.

cayal3546d ago

And it might suck. Point is your riding the jock strap of a game you've never played and call it GOTY.

Fanboy much?

STICKzophrenic3546d ago

The point is I'm basing my excitement off of the game I've already played and is still one of my favorite games of all time. I find it hard to believe that the sequel will be completely different from the first. Until they prove otherwise, I'll believe the second will live up to, and exceed my expectations.

I guess one can't get excited for a sequel to one of their favorite games. Silly me.

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