Operation Flashpoint 2 - Deployed Trailer

New Trailer for Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising, showcasing night vision, open warfare and a lot of tanks.

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IrishAssa3547d ago Show
THC CELL3547d ago

This game owns Battlefield
and any other war game

Not for noobies

IrishAssa3547d ago

been waiting for a game like this , I hate being patient and taking my time in other games and not being rewarded for it, like cod

XLiveGamer3547d ago

This game own every other FPS out there and even our soul!

Ischan3547d ago

Somehow, I'm not really impressed with the trailer. It doesn't show much of the feature. The wider landscape ? Have seen it before, R1.
But yet again, need to see more about this title.

IrishAssa3547d ago

Ign's hand's on preview make's it out to be good

Omegasyde3547d ago

I am still hestitant, this could be the PC build.

Remember its using the Farcry2 engine, which looks great but I have feeling this game is going to disapoint.

I loved the orginal flashpoint on the PC though, one of the best sniping games I have ever played. The map editor was ahead of its time too with out intricate you can make the missions.

ASSASSYN 36o3547d ago

Can't wait to get back into large scale battles!

Omegasyde3547d ago

still is going to be 24 player max on consoles. If you dig real massive online battles you might wanna keep a eye out on Zippers' MAG. Suppose to be 256 players with modern weapons.

ASSASSYN 36o3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Seriously the ps3 does not appeal to me nor does the tiny controller. My thumbs bump on the thing. But if mag delivers I will go get a ps3 for it. On the operation flashpoint 2 multiplayer has never been officialy stated by codemasters. So thats up in the air. But I care not for player vs. player in ofp2. I can fight for hours in battles against the cpu A.I. with 16 friends like I did with the first ofp and be satisfied.

IQUITN4G3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

It's very open in a way most shooters aren't and this will to some extent lessen just how gorgeous something can be - the game sounds superb and it's graphics are perfectly nice

Some people need to look past if something contains certain niceties in a game before making their minds up on if they will like this or not