GameVortex: My Pet Shop Review

GameVortex writes: "Playing for more than a few hours clears up everything, but a few hours is a steep learning curve for a game that is otherwise extremely user-friendly. Kids, especially young ones, will need some guidance from a parent or older sibling to get a leg up. Once you get into the My Pet Shop groove, Green Town is a nice place to be. The replay value is a bit low unless trading items and customizing your room at the pet shop has great appeal. Seeing the more exotic animals contained in the areas you'll open up later in the game is also a nice incentive, plus more advanced mini-games where you'll start appreciating the value of training and caring for your pet. Kids that love animals may really take to this one, and it certainly has a cuter look than the more intricate zookeeper and veterinarian simulations on DS. Recommended".

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