6 Most Racist Video Games

Gameist: "Make no bones about it. Racism is a plague on our society. And while it's an epidemic that should be recognized, its recognition leads to an even bigger issue. Should we publicize racism for the sake of outing it if risks bringing attention to it? Wouldn't it be better to ignore inconsequential examples of racism, because they are so insignificant they'll probably disappear on their own? If no one paid attention to racism, would racism still be relevent? With that said, here are six more racist videos games I found, complete with links to places where you, or possibly a child, could play them."

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Insanium3517d ago

You've got to be kidding me. Anything can be viewed as "racist." It DOESN'T make it true.

Resident Evil 5 is NOT racist. In RE4, you killed parasite infected WHITE people called "Los Ganados," or in Spanish, "cattle." It can be seen as the parasite infected people are cattle fresh to the slaughter. Is it "racist" to Spainards or Europeans? NO. They went from originally killing Americans in the first Resident Evil games, to killing Europeans, to killing Africans. So if in RE 6, Asians are getting killed, is it going to be racist? NO, actually, they are showing equality. American, European, African, or Asian, if you're a zombie, you're gonna get shot in the f*cking head.

Thank you and GOOD DAY.