6 Games You Wasted Your Life On

Gameist: ""Guitar Hero is a waste of time, because you could be learning to play an actual guitar."

Well gee, Einstein, thanks for letting us know. We certainly haven't heard that comment before from our family, friends, and every other Guitar Hero hater in the entire world. It's not as if the fact never occurred to us before. Hell, MC Lars even made a music video about it.

But Guitar Hero is like the AIG of time-wasting video games: Guilty, sure, but serving unfairly as a scapegoat when so many others have done the exact same thing for years. So before you open your yap to let loose the completely original, stinging, witty observation that people playing Guitar Hero could be learning to play actual guitar instead, think about these games that you probably wasted time on, and reflect on the real life skills you could have learned instead."

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