Sony To Hype Another Failure?

"Wow! Sony is building hype again!!! According to Kotaku, Sony has an announcement for March 31st. Will this be something that will forever change the PS3, or will it just be another hyped failure?"

"We all know that Sony is known for showing off things like Home and Life with PlayStation, which have became nothing more tha services we might use every once and awhile..."

As you can see, this is not meant to say that the Sony has announced many failures, but there is a chance it could be. Nor is this saying that we, as gamers, do not hype stuff. Just please read the article.


The announcement seems to be a PS2 price drop. I had a pretty good feeling this announcement would be nothing.

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pwnsause3544d ago

that title felt like reading a HHG article.

morganfell3544d ago

Considering it is places like Kotaku building the hype and not Sony then sites like thegameraccess should do a better job in their analysis.

Also it should occur to people that Kotaku is intentionally building the hype so when the announcement turns out to be something relatively minor then it is Sony that looks bad and takes the blame rather than Kotaku.

Sarcasm3544d ago

Nah, a HHG article would have been

"Sony's announcement to sell PS3 designs to Microsoft?"

SupaPlaya3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

all over again.

Kotaku says there is major announcement, not Sony!

Off topic:
Web article with flamebait title trying to get hits? I don't care if the content itself is well written, I refuse to give sites hits with title like this.

InfectedDK3544d ago

Lol this is ridiculous!
Sony has said they have an announcement. That. is. it. . !
SO who is building the hype? Everyone else but them :)

I_am_rushin3544d ago

I call this move by Sony viral advertising.

Aclay3544d ago

Sony isn't hyping anything at all, the hype is coming from the numerous game websites that have posted on N4G and own their own websites, their own speculation about what the announcement will be... that's where the hype is coming from.

When it comes to hype regarding PS3 games or literally ANYTHING PS3 related, it's always Gaming Websites that start the hype, NOT Sony themselves.

It's not like Sony isn't teasing the announcment by saying " We've got some earth shattering news on Tuesday" or whatever, Sony has been silent about the annoucement.

Insomnia_843544d ago

1. Big announcement on Tuesday
2. FW Updates come on Tuesdays
3. Killzone 2 Patch on Tuesday
4. Sony: Will be good for the future of the PS3.

What could it be?

I'm guessing 2.70 will be out tomorrow.

Mozilla893544d ago

Cause I can't go to the source.

dragunrising3544d ago

Seems to be quite a few goodies coming out.

INehalemEXI3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Sony just builds hardware that does not fail, these days they hardly even market there sh!t. The hype always delivers though when they do hype at an E3, E3 of 2005 ring a bell?. ie Killzone 2. That was some seriously HQ product.

side note: I think its funny how many media think MS won the last E3. The biggest thing they did was say FF13 me too....

For the most part hype is driven by media that automaticly churn out something anti, then there are those other media that will make something sound mystical and over the top to generate hits.

FrankDaTank3544d ago

Morganfell my friend, raise a beer with me and let me know when you have your own site so that I may bookmark it.

lordgodalming3544d ago

@Supaplaya: beautifully put. Although I think you might be giving the author of this article too much credit in supposing it COULD be well written. Such hit whoring isn't worth my mouse click. Moving on.

dude_uk3544d ago


is all I have to say to this "article"

RememberThe3573544d ago

It's all these other smaller sites that keep bringing it up and hyping it.

eagle213544d ago

some "journalist" writes against a simple announcement from the KING OF GAMES: SONY. :)

Alcon3544d ago

"Wow! Sony is building hype again!!!"

Who is building hype??? Sony only said they had a 'big' announcement, and that's all. The hype is made by the media itself, and of course some fanboys.
10 to 1 the same sites building up 'the hype' (in a way just like kotaku), will be the first to say how dissapointed and how bad Sony is doing, if the announcement doens't live up to 'the hype' (wich they contributed for the most part).
Why make such a big deal out of it?? I don't expect anything great because I think that if Sony had some super beyond cool announcement, they would do that during E3, and not on a random day of the year. But if the announcement is great, then I'll be pleasantly surprised and happy.
Expect nothing great, and chances are greater you'll be pleasantly surprised. There is no point in making tons of rumors for nothing. People these days cannot stay still for a few days until an announcement is made, and feel the need to speculate, throw rumors, hype a rumor or their hypothesis. How stupid can you be? What do all these things bring in the end? Nothing!! We'll all have to wait untill the announcement to find out what it will be, and only then would it be ok to discuss the matter.

TheDude2dot03543d ago

Generally when someone says something is a big announcement, there will be hype surrounding said announcement.

GVON3543d ago

I swear it was on the front page yesterday,now it's back.

morganfell3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

I know GVON, this was paced back on the front page for some reason. Not only that but look at the sheer volume of reports. Look at this:

An anti-360 story and it only took a handful of reports to kill it.

XxZxX3543d ago

it's ok morganfell, n4g need the 10 doom articles about XBOX 360 per week.

morganfell3543d ago

???? The 360 article was smacked down quick. Why is this still here with the number of reports and the damn thing is a day old.

XxZxX3543d ago

does it annoyed you? certainly not me. Let it be

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SasanovaS7773544d ago

another hyped failure? what other hyped failure was there? pretty sure everything sony released was quality. and if they said something big is coming, then its something we havent heard of yet and it isnt relatively small news...

3544d ago
ToastyMcNibbles3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

youre an idiot if you think sony hyped up all those you listed...we did...the fans hype up stuff...and how the hell is home xi a hyped failure when it hasnt even been fully revealed? i can somewhat agree with you on the home part...they talked a lot about features that are no where to be seen but come on dude...haze? that was free radical not sony

Godmars2903544d ago

Where do you get off calling a cancer/genetic disease research project a failure? especially one that started on the PC that got outstripped by the PS3?

cliffbo3544d ago

Toastman is spot on here. we are the hypers. stop blaming Sony for something they are not responsible for. we called KZ1 a HALO killer and Sony took the wrap. all Sony do is advertise what they offer and on nowhere near the same level as MS (who do hype)

Nick2120043544d ago

Yes, you guys are correct that the gamers hype a lot of the content, but if Sony would not have shown hundreds of videos about Home and announced it early, fans would not have hyped it that much. To make a long statement short, Sony causes the gamers to hype.

PirateThom3544d ago

Ever think maybe Sony announced it early because Kotaku had taken it upon themselves to reveal it before Sony could?

SaiyanFury3544d ago

What hype is Sony giving? Saying they have an announcement coming? That doesn't sound like the second coming of Christ to me, just an announcement. Sony isn't building any hype, just websites like this trying to rouse everyone into excitement, and then lowering the boom once the 'hype' doesn't like up to scrutiny.

ultimolu3544d ago

...Can someone show evidence of Sony hyping anything at all? Because I do recall teh interwebz blowing things out of proportion and when it doesn't work in their favor, they scream 'FAILUUUUUURZ'.

One example of that is KZ2. People hyped the sales to kingdom come and when it didn't sell five million in one day...'OH MA GODZ, FAILUUURZ'.

You can't be serious.

Sarcasm3544d ago

I don't recall any hype for Life with Playstation. But that's just me.

Snatcher3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Stupid you are. Are you saying that Lair and Haze is a failure, because of the metacritic score? Have you even played the games by yourself?

Lair has gorgeous model, landscape, explosion graphics, and realistic sound effects.

Lock-on arcade shooting is a lot of fun. The game is challenging and fun, simple as that. Not close to a failure. It sold pretty well also.

Haze is a good shooter. The controls are precise and responsive, it had great graphics, decent voice-acting and story, the multiplayer was good. Another game that I consider average to decent.

Nick2120043544d ago

Yea your right. They did not spend a decent portion of their E3 Press Conference talking about it and explaining. Then they released a date which was pushed back almost two full months.

Sharpshell3544d ago

do people bring up Haze and Lair time aft4r time when K2 and LBP and R2 and countless other games are far more relivant. ITs liek blaming MS for hyping Too Human when it was all DD

Lair is so fricken old... let it go guys (also I think its highyl underrated and didn't deserve the ratigns it got.. if it game out this year i beleive it would have scored better)

Anon19743544d ago

Yeah, I'm stumped. Home is racking in money for them already in micro-transactions and it's still in it's beta. They've delivered on every one of their internally developed games that they were involved in hyping. Life with Playstation is brilliant. Browse news, cure disease. Can't go wrong there.
The PS3 is selling much faster than the 360 did, despite the price point, so it wouldn't be the PS3 itself. I just bought myself a second console today to use as a media player and the occasional networked game session.

Seriously, I've got nothing. What on earth are they referring to?

Pennywise3544d ago

I was told by a mod one time: "If you think an article is lame, mark it as lame and move on."

How am I supposed to move on when the contributor PM's me basically insisting I remove my report. Then proceeds to tell me if I dont think Sony hasnt hyped failures in the past he doesnt know what to tell me.

Is this how we operate here? I thought the title was lame, so I marked it as lame.

Now Nick is here saying Sony hyped these "failures":

-Life with PlayStation - ????? READ THE NEWS, CURE CANCER WTF
-And MUCH MORE that are escaping my mind right now - I BET.

iHEARTboobs3544d ago

-Life with PlayStation - ????? READ THE NEWS, CURE CANCER WTF
-And MUCH MORE that are escaping my mind right now - I BET."

Hit the nail on the head.

callahan093544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

-Haze = Hyped by UbiSoft + Free Radical, and websites like IGN claiming it was awesome before they played the final build, then deciding it was terrible. For more, see my note about Lair below.

-Home = Some hype by Sony, lots of hype by fans and journalists, and something that always has been and always will be a WORK IN PROGRESS. Home is not something capable of being "complete." As such, they succeeded, because Home gets better all the time, with new features, new spaces, and things like XI (see below).

-Home XI = No hype whatsoever. None. Hype would imply that we were supposed to be excited for it in advance. Nobody ever heard of it until it was already upon us. And XI is a nice concept and the fact that Sony is thinking outside the box to make Home a worthwhile application is great. If it was hyped after release, it was discussion by those of us who took part in it, not Sony trying on their own to get the word out through whatever outlets they could. Sony made one announcement of XI on the PS Blog, and it was merely to say "Hey Home users, this is there now, go play!"

-Lair = Yeah, they advertised it and hyped it like any other game, to try to make a return on their investment. But you can't have all winners, now can you? Microsoft also hyped up Too Human. Nintendo also hyped up Wii Music. Neither lit up the sales charts or got many good reviews. Bringing up Lair is to ignore the reality that this stuff happens all the time, it's not just Sony and it's not just the videogame industry.

-Life with PlayStation = Not to my recollection: This application can't be classified as a failure first of all because it is a rousing success, helping the field of cancer research more than any other cloud computing network by miles. And second, because it wasn't hyped at all.

Please try harder next time, thank you.

RememberThe3573544d ago

but it's fans are notoriously good at it.

Uzesgelen_Goo3544d ago

Lair wasn't a failure it's sleepy title like what happened in Valkyria Chronicle. personally i like it Lair and it was knew and quite enjoyng.

Sarcasm3543d ago

"They did not spend a decent portion of their E3 Press Conference talking about it and explaining. "


Seriously, do you read anything you post?

Hype to me is Gears of War 2, Killzone 2, Home, etc.

But Life With Playstation? It's an app to help cancer research. It's not like it hit 1,500,000 degrees on N4G.

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Aaron Greenterd3544d ago

At Microsoft, we fail without the hype.


JD_Shadow3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )


+ Bubbles for that. You just made my day.

BTW: Anyone else getting a 500 error when trying to go to the source?

EDIT: Anyone notice his initials?


Hmm...sounds like Aaron should know what he's talking about, right?

dude_uk3544d ago

A.I.G = Aaron Is Gay?

bubbles by the way =P

MainstreamGamer3544d ago

You sir are a godsend to mainstream gamers like me who doesn't care about shoddy hardware and paying to play online. keep up the good work at Microsoft.

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rucky3544d ago

Sony's not hyping it you're hyping it

ToastyMcNibbles3544d ago

thats exactly what i was thinking lol sony isnt hyping a thing...everyone is hyping it and getting there hopes up only to be disappointed if its not what they expected...then right after that they'll write up another "Sony Is Doomed" article and why is sony doomed you might ask? because they "hyped up the announcement"

DelbertGrady3544d ago

I blame all of you for Sonys failures.

ruibing3544d ago

Yeah, Sony just said they had something to announce, and everyone just started speculating. If its something big, these sites pat themselves on the back, else they blame Sony.

KionicWarlord2223544d ago

no but if it isnt a price cut then perhaps its a new game.