Blu-ray movie releases for the week of March 19th

Blu-ray Movie Releases

Big Fish
Chicken Little
Finding Neverland
Rocky Balboa

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Boink3867d ago

can we just stop making this news pls?

it is not tech related, nor games related.

Syko3867d ago

I know since the 360 plays DVD's I am going to start posting weekly releases on DVD and posting it under the 360 section. However we have games released on a regular basis so there is no need for movies to take up our time.

True Gamer3866d ago

because PS3 also plays DVD's.

Blu-ray on the other hand is Exclusive to the PS3, if Blu-ray wins Microsoft will have made a very foolish mistake supporting HD-DVD.

Boink3866d ago

movie releases are not gaming or tech news.

much the same as I don't care to see what HDDVD's, DVD's, or new movies hitting theaters should be up here.

waste of space IMO.

PinkPrincess833867d ago

Who cares what bluray dvds come out. Its boring news that isn't even news.

Karebear3866d ago

Easier than going down to best buy or sorting through Amazon's pages to find out if there's anything worth buying this week. Though I agree it is a bit off topic.

3866d ago
SmokeyMcBear3866d ago

creating multiple accounts to ignite bubble war..... thats a banning

Syko3866d ago

That's clearly not The Mart but whoever is doing it is.

A)Pretty Bored\Sad
B)A cut and paster which if you're oldschool on this site you know Mart isn't.
C)A Sony fanboy.
D)All of the above.

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