Exclusive: XNA community games sales figures revealed

Ryan Langley and Chris Remo from Gamasutra write:

"After changes to Microsoft's policy and tools, creators of XNA Community Games on Xbox Live Marketplace now have access to download metrics, including sales data, number of trial downloads, and regional breakdowns -- and Gamasutra has exclusively obtained game-specific sales data for a number of titles.

Many developers have openly discussed their sales, including Insomniac Games veteran Nathan Fouts of Mommy's Best Games, whose debut title Weapon of Choice failed to clear the 10,000-sale threshold that Fouts said he would need to finance Mommy's Best full-time."

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KionicWarlord2223518d ago

*sigh* yes the sales aren`t great but they will get better.

iceice1233518d ago

"Several Community Games top sellers will be taking home more income from four months of sales than the average U.S. citizen earns in a full year."

They make it sound as though the individuals game sold that much, as if a few people were each taking home that much. But with this it shows they actually meant all the top sellers combined.