Xbox 360 Hardware Problems = More OnLive Users?

Will the problems with Xbox 360 hardware lead to gamers jumping ship from Xbox to OnLive?

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MaximusPrime3547d ago

IMO: only minority would go to OnLive.
Hardcore gamers would stay with whatever console they prefer.

Maybe some unhappy xbox 360 owners might move to onlive but i can't see that happening.

Aaron Greenterd3547d ago

I will have my secretary add OnLive to the growing list of competitors we will buyout and then run into the ground.

Isn't competition great?



JhawkFootball063547d ago

This article make no sense.
PS3 High Price = More Onlive users!

See what I did there

Sarcasm3547d ago

When OnLive hits, let's just wait for the Guinea pigs to try it out first. After a few months or so, if it looks any good I'll try it too.

uie4rhig3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Don't Jump In, Jump On.. OnLive!

article fails epicly btw..

IcarusOne3547d ago

But the idea that 360 owners - which is the console many would say is designed the most for hardcore gamers - would jump ship for a barely HD, lag-fest on the distant horizon of the gaming frontier is so laughable I can hardly keep from sh!tting myself.

MNicholas3547d ago

Onlive as a product/service does not exist.

Onlive as a product/service will be too expensive for most consumers and provide lower quality and performance.

Onlive as a product/service, if it is ever built (will cost tens of millions of dollars just to get to stage 1) will be too expensive to operate and burn through all of it's capital before declaring bankruptcy due to the fact that it's a 30 times more costly way to provide gaming to consumers.

ThanatosDMC3547d ago

Wouldnt it be more sensible to go to PS3 rather than pay monthly and probably some premiums?

It'll be better if they work like Steam but stream the games but the person owns the game not something he has to pay monthly for... it's ok to charge for the game. But to pay a premium to use servers... no thanks. They can just put ads somewhere to pay for their servers.

Ryudo3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Donkeys eating chocolate cake = More Cancer in the head?

HHG style SON.....

SCThor3547d ago

Yes, most of 360 owners will jump to OnLive. Let's be honest, people keep re-buying 360 consoles when their console RROD just because they don't want to lose all the game they bought.

@1.2: no, because PS3 exclusives so far, don't get ported to PC.

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GWAVE3547d ago IF it makes anyone jump off the 360, they will jump to the PS3 or Wii.

Console gamers who aren't PC gamers right NOW aren't going to change to PC just because of OnLive. There are too many other factors involved. Many console gamers complain about the (supposed) high cost of PC gaming, the mouse and keyboard interface, not being able to play split-screen, the lack of some console games (no Mario, Solid Snake, or Kratos), and so forth. OnLive changes none of those things.

s8anicslayer3547d ago

Exactly! 360 Harware problems mean nothing at this point, if rrod was hindering the 360's success then it qwould be the #3 platform right now but it's not! so no it does not mean more onlive users!

Mindboggle3547d ago

Your right to a certain degree, but I think if the PS3 was the same price as the 360 I think many people would of probably jumped ship, but due to the high price they didnt.

I dont think many people will go to onlive but the fact it will be very cheap, im guessing less that £60 for the box and probably £10 for the PC app, might make some people go to it.

Chris3993547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

And not just people blowing smoke. An open beta of the product for starters. A controlled GDC demo doesn't cut it. There's no evidence that they can provide the FPS or resolutions that they promise, especially with today's bandwidth and ISP issues.

BX813547d ago

That's why I signed up for the beta this summer.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3547d ago

Those poor souls afflicted from the RROD will find comfort and refuge on the Playstation 3.The lemmings who continue to support the 360 RROD will be destroyed in Sodom AKA Xbox Live.

II Necroplasm II3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

by looking at the sales and the millions of gamers that are now proud to be on Xbox instead of just playing PlayStation in this Gen... I can see they do not care what your fanboy ass has to say. < did this cause anyone to not buy a PS3?

KionicWarlord2223547d ago

lol how could the first thing on the home page be this does this even make im sorry i cant even understand how it would just be xbox 360 owners.

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