Women in Gaming: Turning Myth into Reality

GamesAreEvil writes, "At times, gaming can seem like very much of a boys club. While it is highly doubtful that the scantly clad women with over sized boobs and extreme violence will disappear from games, we may begin to see more of a balance..."

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CrAppleton3548d ago

I game with chicks.. Every one of them is super cool and good at the games we play. It's nice to see more women starting to get involved. I hope the trend continues

bgrundman3548d ago

Agreed... now to get more involved on the development side.

roblef3548d ago

You are such a dork. Chicks? Really?

CrAppleton3548d ago

Seriously? You would think there are a lot of girls interested in development.. but I guess that's lacking a bit as well.. Could bring a whole new perspective to gaming

reluctant_gamer3548d ago

It's cause programming sucks... Plus it really is a boys club. Hard enough for new guys to get in, can you imagine trying to get into development when you're a chick... Sorry Rob... had to.

supercharger51503548d ago

Chick doesn't bother me... dude does, when coming from a guy. Dude when coming from a girl to another girl doesn't. I'm weird like that.
I don't feel I can get offended at things I personally do/say. :/

Neco5123548d ago

I'm a dude, he's a dude, she's a dude, we're all dudes!

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reluctant_gamer3548d ago

Thanks for bringing this up. Not may writers, male or female, talk about the issues surrounding the lack of female gamers and women in the industry. It really needs to be addressed more.

roblef3548d ago

It's posts like this that remind me why GamesAreEvil is a top notch site. Excellent work, Liz!

supercharger51503548d ago

Thanks everyone! I'm glad you've enjoyed it.

Neco5123548d ago

Women in gaming? pfft.... gaming is no place for women.


Montrealien3548d ago

yeah, great read.

I would say that in the long run their will be more women in gaming industry but it was a mostly male for so long that it wont happen in one night. however in the last 5 years there has been more and more women.

also, supercharger5150, Liz who wrote this I presume, how the heck are you at 2 bubbles?

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bgrundman3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

This is a really cool look into the fact that female gamers need positive role models as well.

roblef3548d ago

Exactly. As the father of an up-and-coming female gamer myself, I want to help her have as many options as her brother will in any industry or field she chooses to go into, regardless of her gender.

CrAppleton3548d ago

Seriously.. I'm right there with you.. I have two girls who WILL be gamers as they grow up. Glad they have support!

supercharger51503548d ago

And positive role models in all of life, not just gaming... that's another can o' worms though

reluctant_gamer3548d ago

Aww... look at all the good dads. I can feel the love in the room. Seriously, there does need to be more role models for woman in gaming. I love the Sims franchise and I had no idea that women were involved in it (and made it better)!

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Spolodaface3548d ago

It's no surprise that women in gaming jobs are on the increase (slowly but steadily) as I remember seeing in the 2005 ESA study that 40% of gamers are female. It's also become such a universal childhood past-time now and not just a niche nerd-hobby that with the next generation it will be as universally accepted as Film.

njr3547d ago

I think this generation for the most part has accepted gaming to be a well known hobby. The next generation of gamers would progress from that state, actually considering it to be a career.

Enate3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Spolodaface and njr I agree with you both in the fact that I think the issue is these articles only focus on girls an not the industry growth as a whole. It isn't easy to get into the gaming industry for anyone unless you have some sort of inside advantage. Its not as if guys show up an be like hey sup fellow guys I wanna work here, sure your a guy come on in. You have to work to get in the gaming industry like everything else. Its not as if their are offers hitting guys in the head with scholarships an for game design. The only thing that pisses me off is that they make it seem like its a cake walk for guys to get into the gaming industry. An guys are drop kicking girls at the door which isn't true. They are spiting that same fortune 500 company bs about any industry not being ok until its 55% females.

The industry is what it is if a girl likes gaming an only wants to be a gamer then she will do that same as a guy. If she decides she wants to put in the effort to make it a career then she can go for it just like anyone else. No one has equal opportunity your born unequal whether it be money,status or physical condition. That's not to say you can't do or get to the same place as anyone else but to say it all has to do with you being a girl or guy is a lie. On a personal note no matter if your a girl a guy you can get a headshot or second place like everybody else.

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