Windows 7 to usher in the $200 netbook age

Microsoft recently invited PC manufacturers to Redmond to talk about Windows 7 and revealed some interesting details about its thoughts on the netbook market - not least predicting a $200 (£140) price point for Starter Edition variants by Christmas.

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KionicWarlord2223521d ago

the beta runs pretty good. its very fast the tools in it are great for a beta.

BigKev453521d ago

Nope, Shuhei is a flop.

BulletToothtony3521d ago

not that they didn't make money.. just not as much as they wanted i'm sure..

If they can pull off a TRUE 1gb needed to run the OS it would be great..

dragunrising3521d ago

Sign me up. Every kid and their dog will have a netbook. Add a 3G card and I think it would be perfect.

SaiyanFury3521d ago

Yep, I'm already planning on a Samsung NC10 netbook later this year. If it could run Windows 7, that would be awesome.

SSJSubgeta3521d ago

If you get a netbook, some you can overclock the CPU to 2.0Ghz and the Ram capacity at 2GB. People who have early adopted the netbooks have uninstalled Vista and installed Linux, WinXP SP3 and Win 7's latest RC 7068.