The Next Trend in Gaming is Free-to-Play MMOs

After this year's GDC,'s chief editor, Brendon Lindsey, has noticed more and more companies with no previous MMO experience suddenly entering the market, using the free-to-play, microtransaction model. Is this the next big trend in gaming? He believes so.

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Jager3546d ago

Going to be the BEST f2p MMORPG in 09.

ahnonamis3546d ago

If it comes out, it'll definitely be one of the top online games.

I'm not sure if everyone would consider it free-to-play since it has a retail purchase, though. Sort of like calling Wizard 101 a free game when you can play for free... BUT can't use chat, can't progress out of the starting area, and can't level past double digits.

Lumbo3546d ago

GW2 is a 2010 release, not a 09 one :(

Tony P3546d ago

If I could pay just the box fee like with GW, I'd probably play more MMOs. It's not a huge stretch because that's the norm in gaming with MMOs as the exception. Other games don't charge extra charge just to have access to content on a disc you just bought (I smell a DLC joke). And if you don't pay the subscription, your $30-$50 discs are completely worthless. That always bugs me with MMOs, which is one of the many reasons why I don't play them.

F2P is a good idea, often poorly implemented. I steer clear of them because even though you can play the game for free, you usually can't do much else w/o fees.

Mikerra173546d ago

Ive heard that the F2P games make more money than subscription because people but items and zones to access, its actually quite brilliant thats why you see SOE doing it

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divideby03546d ago

I just refuse to pay 15 bucks per month to play a game. WoW is great and fun, but just cant justify p2p model.
Its going to be intresting to see if the PS3 games (Agency) will charge a monthly fee

Chubear3546d ago

MMOs on the PS3 are FREE to play.

RememberThe3573546d ago

that they still weren't sure about the pricing structure of The Agency and DC Universe. I hope they're free to play like you say though. I don't do the whole monthly fee thing.

ahnonamis3546d ago

Has anyone come out and said that, though? Every console MMO I've seen has a monthly fee, still. Only plus side is on the Ps3 there won't be the Live fee AND the game fee each month.

pippoppow3546d ago

Either charge just a monthly fee and be able to download the software for free or pay for the game at retail and don't charge a monthly fee.

blackpanther253546d ago

alot of F2P MMOs have item malls now like fiesta, domo, requime, and etc.
Some game that were p2p have now become free and opened item malls as well like Rose: Evolution.

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