GDC 2009 Exclusive Preview: Petroglyph's New MMO "Mytheon" (MMOHub)

MMO Hub speaks to Petroglyph's co-founder and Petroglyph's CEO to learn more about their recently announced (and largely mystery) free-to-play MMO title, "Mytheon."

The game will take place in a mythological setting (Greece and possibly Egypt at launch), feature stone-collecting (a la a CCG), and be instanced maps for up to 4 players based around a central hub (a la Guild Wars).

Petroglyph is also making it completely free to play, and all premium content will be available to players who don't pay money; they'll just need to put more time into the game.


The site's link has gone bad and linked to their German version. A link to the original story in English is:

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Coyotegrey3544d ago

I dig Petroglyph and I dig free...

Tony P3544d ago

Well, it's an interesting way to approach the F2P model. The only thing that bugs me is "paying for convenience". I think it's fine when the items function as largely aesthetic choices. That's about the only instance where I'll accept a microtransaction model.

But if you're buying these "stones", which the article describes as intrinsic to gameplay, what's the difference between that and EA's Battlefield: Bad Company fiasco?

ahnonamis3544d ago

I think the big difference is that A) this game isn't going to be PVP based, but PVE. And B) Anything that can be bought can be earned in the game. So people who pay for things WILL be at an advantage, but they'll just have to play less to get the same equipment/skills/whatever. Guys with jobs and expendable income can play an hour a day and pay to make up the rest, kids who want to play and have free time can play more and earn the same things.