Some creators disappointed with XNA Community Games sales

If indie devs thought that XNA Community Games would be the ticket to untold riches ... well, let's just say they may not want to toss their name tags and hairnets just yet.

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KionicWarlord2223547d ago

there are alot of interesting games on community games,but alot people need to visit there more.that new music tool was kind of good.

solidsnakus3547d ago i tried the last version demo and almost bought it but this one i will buy for shure on day one.

Bnet3433547d ago

Very true. I haven't even downloaded a single community game, not even the trials. I'm not going to waste my time with all their garbage.. Dishwasher Samurai was a good XNA game and that is a featured game on Days of Arcade.

Eiffel3547d ago

The only good one I've seen is Weapon of Choice. 400 MS points best community game I've played.

edhe3547d ago

You've not looked hard enough then.

There's plenty good games on the community but yeah, it's hard to fork out for them when there's better titles.

For instance i want to buy groov, biology battle but.. i've already got geometry wars etc..

GWAVE3547d ago

XNA was a head-in-the-clouds idea. It was an admirable, albeit shoddy, attempt at capturing the infinitely creative and innovative PC indie scene on the 360. Microsoft could have done so much with it. Instead, it's one giant "" website on your 360: yeah, a few good games and apps, but mostly amateur rubbish.

KionicWarlord2223547d ago

everyones mind is creative. just give it sometime more users will make something more interesting to peoples liking.

GWAVE3547d ago


I agree, but it seems you have an idealistic view of game design. Game design is 90% technical and 10% creative. I don't know if you have any programming experience, but go learn some C++ and see how long it takes you to program a simplistic clone of the first "Mario Bros" level. When there are so many technical aspects to keep in mind, only the best video game devs find SOME way to sneak some creativity into their game.

Bnet3433547d ago

It's not Microsoft's fault that people are making garbage games.

KingME3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Edit: Nevermind

The Lazy One3547d ago

Are you butts high? Firstly, Game Design is not Game Programming. Game Design is way more creative than technical. Now, game development, which I'm sure is what you meant to say, still has a large part of creativity.

Sure it will be technical, but nobody will have any fun playing a boring game. If you don't spend any time being creative, nobody will want to play your game.

Using your example, sure there's a good deal of programming in mario. That doesn't mean anyone will want to play it when you can already play 10,000 other mario clones.

There's plenty of games with next to no programming done by their original developers using other people's engines that are good almost only because the ideas were original and fun to play.

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TheBrit3547d ago

Just remember, chances are you may have not gotten an income before the xna club so even if sales are disappointing, your still probably making more money now than you were before. That's the bottom line.

Keep working, get more creative and if its good, it will be purchased.

Bigbangbing3547d ago

make a good games, not some BS

and if only Microsoft allow Achievement for XNA ...

Eiffel3547d ago

Oh how people would abuse that right.

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