Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - Offers More Than Thought

Koku Gamer writes: "Hayashi has announced several changes including minor changes to the graphics engine to produce better visuals. If this is due to the Ps3 or the fact they have had a year to work on it is not known. He also spoke about fixing one of the biggest complaints from the original release, the camera. He hasn't explained exactly how he's doing this, but simple hit detection from walls would be a start."

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gokuss1220023547d ago

It is unfair that 360 owner were able to play the NGS2 BETA for a whole year, before the actual game is out on the PS3.

I need to hurry up and get a 360; so that I can help games become better by being a beta tester.

Doomsday3547d ago

I loved NG2 on my 360 with the exception of the camera at certain points but that happens in all NG games. NGS was a great play and i cant wait to get a hold of NGS2 and try that online arcade co-op

Kurisu3546d ago

I tried Ninja Gaiden Sigma when it released for PS3, but I can't say that I enjoyed it. I didn't play it for very long before I traded it in. However, when I seen gameplay of NG2 for 360 it looked like much more fun, so I may just have to pick this up when it hits.