Microsoft gets an ad right

Cnet: "I've been critical of past Microsoft advertising.

The low point may have been calling customers and potential customers dinosaurs for not upgrading to Office 2003.

But Microsoft advertising, in general, has been at best inconsistent, in speaking to the needs and desires of its customers--as opposed to the needs and desires of Microsoft. (In all fairness, this is hardly a problem unique to Microsoft's advertising or, indeed, to the advertising that comes out of the the tech industry overall.)"

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KionicWarlord2223548d ago

you got to say this was funny and good ad.

BulletToothtony3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

maybe not a WELL done commercial, but it gets the point across, I like apple (well the software more than the brand), but just like my ps3 i would've rather buy it cheaper.. who wouldn't right..

Hopefully ads like these will help apple (even thou they're well built products) to lower their prices just a tad.. i think they would sell way more..

Montrealien3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

I`m a PC! And have been since 1991!

Xwow20083548d ago

it was a good ad.
mac computers are really overpriced.
pc ftw

Bnet3433548d ago

I'm a PC and I don't buy overpriced computers. :)

Millah3548d ago

It gets the point across, but it was still a terrible ad. MS really should fire crispin-boyer, all their ads have been pretty terrible. What makes it ironic is that crispin-boyer completely uses Macs.

I say you get what you pay for. That HP in the commercial is cheap for a reason. Questionable processor, junk ram, junk HDD...overall junky hardware. I'd rather pay for the quality. I'm not saying get a Mac, I'm saying if you want to get a good 17" PC then you better spend the money or else get a smaller screen size.

dragunrising3548d ago

Yes you do get what you pay for. When you get an Apple they offer you an expensive Apple club (cool) pass that expires every year when your $hit becomes outdated. I could never justify paying hundreds of dollars more when a similarly priced computer could let me play Crysis.

Sitdown3548d ago

"It gets the point across, but it was still a terrible ad. "

Your statement seems sort of odd........I would think that getting their point across would make it at least a decent ad.

Mikerra173548d ago

this is a good ad and everything, but in my opinion macs are not overpriced, I have done alot of video editing (commercials, movies)and have to say the mac provides me with reliability and has way better software that MS does. While the hardware is basicly the same, I still feel mac is defiantly worth the money

shelbygt333547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Crispin Porter + Bogusky (that's the name of the Agency you were trying for).

And the mere fact that it has so many people talking (I'm not judging if the talk is good/bad) means that this advert is an entire success.

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BulletToothtony3548d ago

I'm not a fanboy or an idiot for that matter.. but i was shocked to see how well and smooth leopard works.. it's a great software.. my old pc took about 4 to 5 minutes for me to actually be ready to go.. compared to 28 seconds for my imac.

i could open program after program and everything opened smoothly.. can't say the same things for my pc.

I'm not hating, and i'm not a fanboy, i'm simply pointing out why imo an apple product is worth the extra money.

You can't compare a mercedez to a Honda.. they are different products and one is more expensive and more fun, but a pc will get you where you need to go.. If you have the money and want and like mac software then buy a mac, if you don't want it and don't like it then buy a windows based pc.

But one of the worse things is people that hate OS-X when they had never tried it.. it's a great OS.

Please people don't get caught up in another fanboy argument..

KionicWarlord2223548d ago

apple has very good media tools.what was the os on your pc?

Odion3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Soo what your telling us is that your old PC didn't run as fast as your brand new Mac computer?

Good job there champ.

You could have easily spent the 2 grand you prob paid for your Imac, and built your own PC with 16 gigs of ram two GPU's, and the best I7 around.

Then you could have watch 6 movies and played 4 different copies of Crysis at the same time.

Death3548d ago

My new PC also seems faster than my old PC. Vista boots much quicker than XP. I'm glad you like your Mac, but if you aren't comparing a similarly spec'd PC, then you aren't making a fair comparison.


Kushan3548d ago

As tactless as the above commenter is, he's got a point - you compared a BRAND NEW machine to an old machine. That's hardly a fair comparison.

Plus, just because Macs are very high quality, that doesn't mean to say that PCs aren't. Cheap PCs will be, but there are some VERY high-quality ones out there as well, which are still cheaper than most macs. That's competition for you.

Mr_Bun3548d ago

You are missing the point....MS doesn't create the hardware for these machines that you are buying for 699$ and cheaper....Apple builds the hardware/software.

Is Apple gauging the customers...yep....but do you think that MS would be doing it differently if they actually built the machines that their OS runs...they would do the same thing....the 360 is proof of their gauging.

The ad is comparing MS software to Apple software+hardware.

Either way....a good commercial for the pc...finally!

dragunrising3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

The truth hurts for some people judging from your disagrees. The price you could pay for a similarly priced laptop/desktop vs a mac would get you a much better speced machine. No doubt about that. I challenge anyone with half a brain to check it out. Apple tax adds hundreds of dollars on top of your purchase. I am not saying that Apple's aren't good computers, however the value aspect is very much true. Ever wonder why Apple doesn't let you make your own computers? Case closed.


@ Mr. Bun- the comparison to the 360 isn't a good one on account consoles are sold at cost to the hardware maker (you could make a case about the accessory prices though). Also, you seem to think some companies aren't greedy for money. Any company, whether its M$, Sony, Nintendo, etc dreams of being in Apples shoes. Apple computers are more expensive on account Apple is the sole provider of the hardware and software. Its the reason Apple will never be more than a small segment of the larger PC/laptop pie. Remember that its Apple vs HP, Dell, Asus, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, Acer, etc. The variety of hardware configurations and fit your needs pricing of PC's/laptops will always make them more mainstream than a marginalized hardware/software provider.

BulletToothtony3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

i was using XP, i still do... like i said i'm not a fanboy, i just like osx better.. ans you're right, it's so much easier to edit photos and videos.. it was very inviting to do so..

@ Odion, well my imac was $1,100 and like i said, i just like the software better.. by your logic it would be better to buy a corolla and spend $20,000 on body kits and turbos and all a killer sound system..

but not everyone wants that, some people just want a classy smooth car like a mercedez, i don't even like mercedez that much but it's just an example, and i'm not trying to be coky.. it's just what i want. I do all my gaming on my ps3 with a 52" 1080p and 7.1 surround, but i still play counter strike on my imac which can still run it..

I don't hate windows or pc's i just like osx better..

@ death

Totally right bro.. is not a fair comparison.. but imo the overall performance of OS-X is better than windows.. even windows lovers have not liked vista, including me.. but the Rig that i would've bought which would've been a decent quad core with like 8 gigs or ram and a nice 23" monitor would've been a bit more than the imac.. just like Kushan said, for a good quality pc.. and IN MY OPINION, this would've have to been the specs just so the programs would've ran as smooth as OSX does.

And guess what i still would've not have been able to run osx on that machine, which is my #1 reason to buy a mac.. Now that the prices dropped, i'm upgrading to a 24" imac which is only $1,199 for a refurbished and i'm excited..

Do i think apple is overpriced? yeah.. Do i think is worth the extra money.. for me yeah.. do i wish it was cheaper hell yeah.

And i'll tell you what, if windows 7 delivers, which it seems that it will, i will buy a kick ass rig and install windows 7 as well.. but honestly guys, if you haven't tried osX you definitely should.. it's a great OS.

@ blindfromthesun

you can run Linux on VMware (side by side) on OSX, or you can install it on bootcamp and windows, so yeah macs run linux.. with all the specs of your machine not limited.. i have windows installed for MKV2VOB, which is a program osx doesn't have..

Mr_Bun3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

1. Apple DOES run least you can install it on a mac (I think that is what you are saying)
2. The 360 is a PERFECT comparison as it shows EXACTLY what MS does with hardware that they sell

I am not saying MS is greedier than Apple or vice versa....In fact I applaud the MS for coming back with a commercial that actually hits Apple where it hurts (price point). My point is that MS makes the software not the hardware for these machines so it isn't a fair argument to say that MS is cheaper than Apple...especially since the new Apple machines are using Intel chips and can run Vista.

A better comparison would be to show Vista or Windows 7 against OS X (Tiger/Leopard)

For the record....I have a PC at home and a Mac at work.

2Negativecool3548d ago

It was pretty pricey, and certainly probably overpriced.

I just think it's really cool that Bootcamp is a standard program so you can run both OS's VERY easily without having to know computer speak (which I'm a total noob with) to get it to do that.

I use the windows side for gaming, she uses the mac side for school. It's just sort of nice having the best of both worlds.

As a gamer though, I'd never buy a mac for myself.

Mr_Bun3548d ago

Even the biggest mac lover has to admit that there is no comparison between PC/Mac for games...The iphone has more games than any other Mac hardware!

Trebius3548d ago

You GET what you PAY for...

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XLiveGamer3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Well Microsoft its the software you install on your PC or Laptops and those are made by many companies but by judging for your Avatar i am not surprised by your comment at all.

Anyway I am a PC & a MAC too :)

zagibu3548d ago

Microsoft is a company, not software.

XLiveGamer3548d ago

I know but i bet you get the message just like him right?

Whoooop3548d ago

Good ad and straight to the point.

Apple "I'm a Mac" ads will have some nice competition now.