This Week in Wii - Downloadable Edition

GamesAreEvil writes,"Our lineup last week featured a trio of games, one of the WiiWare variety and two retro remembrances. This week there are only 2 downloads, but as is normally the case with these announcements, it is not always as much about quantity as it is quality. Monday's releases are sure to be both eclectic and exciting, so lets take a look at what we have in store..."

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CrAppleton3545d ago

BAD ASS! I can't wait to DL it!

Neco5123545d ago

Wow! It's about damn time!

bgrundman3545d ago

I will be getting the Nintendo point card on my way home from work. :)

CrAppleton3545d ago

Anyone else remember taking all summer to run through this?

Neco5123545d ago

I remember spending quite a few quality weekends with it. I'm sure it'll be just as fun now as it was then

bgrundman3545d ago

This was one of the biggest games of my entire childhood. It will be fun to relive those times.

supercharger51503545d ago

I can see Bonsai Barber being really good for kids, learning shapes and learning how to stay in/on the lines.

bgrundman3545d ago

I don't know, it seems just plain weird to me.

supercharger51503545d ago

I still need to get Bomberman '94 from last week!

ForROME3545d ago

I have

Donkey Kong
Double Dragon
Eternal Champions
Zelda Orcania
Mario Katy 64
Punch Out
River City
Sonic Hedge Hog
Mario 64

with classc controller, on my list to buy when I pick up a Wii HD at 199 if that every happens,, sigh