GDC debrief: do gamers need to grow up?

This year's Games Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco has now drawn to a close, leaving games developers, publishers and journalists with a number of interesting new games and gaming tech developments to ponder, discuss and digest back in the relative safety of their home studios, offices and newsrooms.

Aside from Nintendo's shock announcement of a new Zelda title for the DS, perhaps the two biggest tech stories to come out of GDC were the emergence of potentially market disrupting game streaming services (such as those systems from OnLive and Playcast) and the increasing likelihood that we are soon to see commercially available 'proper 3D' games (from the likes of major publishers such as Namco, for example) later in 2009.

Elsewhere at GDC, mainstream US journalist Heather Chaplin – who reports on gaming for US National Public Radio (amongst others) and co-authored the 2005 book Smartbomb (alongside GameCulture editor Aaron Ruby) - posed the question – do gamers and games developers need to grow up a little?

Chaplin reprimanded the games developers present, claiming that it was time to grow up and to stop being "mired deeply in 'guy culture," adding that they were "a bunch of stunted adolescents."...

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