GameDaily Review: Rhythm Heaven

GD writes: "Nintendo's musical experiment, Rhythm Heaven, lets players tap and flick to the beat in 50 bizarre mini games. Instead of jamming with a plastic guitar (a la Rock Band), you'll poke the DS' bottom screen during a ping-pong match, in the garden plucking vegetables and at some random location bouncing soccer balls, all the while enjoying a cute 2-D presentation with monkeys, robots and spaceships. While semi enjoyable, Rhythm Heaven is far from revolutionary. You'll earn a failing grade for what seemed like a decent performance, and aside from collecting medals, there's little reason to replay the mini games (Nintendo actually forces you to replay some of them on harder difficulty). Ultimately, poor music and one note gameplay mar the experience, but players in search of an off-the-wall game will dig Rhythm Heaven's imaginative design."

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