Loot Ninja Review: Oregon Trail (iPhone/iPod Touch)

LN writes: "I remember being in 2nd grade in 1988 and we played Oregon Trail in the computer lab. I got detention because I named by traveling party: Balls, Turd, Nutsac, Doody, and Balls Jr. I was a special kid. Alas, Oregon Trail holds a special place in my life for being one of the first games I have ever really got into. Oregon Trail has made its way onto the iPhone and it is a blast. Granted, it is the Oregon Trail game reinvented, so you have to know what you are getting into. Don't expect a riveting a story or ultra violence, expect 5 people going in a wagon 2000 miles and 2 will get their alive with a trail of dead buffalo, lost oxen, and much more left in your wake."

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