PSFocus: PlayStation 3 Keypad Hardware Review

The Dutch website has written an article/review about the PlayStation 3 Headset.

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Syphled3430d ago

They should have put it at the bottom of the controller, instead of on top. Just like with the Xbox keypad.

PirateThom3429d ago


Your thumbs don't bend that way... :-/

GameOn3429d ago

They don't stretch either.

PirateThom3429d ago

You're going to be moving your hands either way.

At least on that one, the keypad is still in the same direction as your thumbs.

It's a moot point anyway, since it can be detached and used standalone while the 360 one can't.

Or, you know, just use a keyboard.

GameOn3429d ago

It is a moot point, your right.

But the 360 chat pad works great, I have it.

man0fsteel3429d ago

Toilet Paper works great too. I have it and use it quite frequently


DelbertGrady3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

I've got the 360 textpad as well. It's awesome. Is the PS3 keypad backlit?

Biphter3429d ago

But the keys are not very responsive. Once you switch it on you have to press a key and wait a few seconds for it to register keypresses. The keypad isnt backlit which is stupid. And the symbol shifting system (blue and orange buttons) are awkward. Its good for quick chat messages whilst sat gaming which is fine. Biggest drawback has to be lack of backlight. I never use the trackpad feature as using the dual sticks seems more natural in the web browser.

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KaDa3429d ago

I got the keypad and I think it's an awesome gadget. The touch feature is great!

NegativeCreepWA3429d ago

The touch feature sucks it moves around when you don't even touch it.

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Anon19743429d ago

But I kinda wish I had spent a couple of extra bucks and just bought a BlueTooth Keyboard. Meh, for the amount that I need it I guess it doesn't matter.

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The story is too old to be commented.