Warhammer Age Of Reckoning: Patch 1.2.1 Preview (

Mythic has released a preview of the upcoming patch 1.2.1 for Warhammer Online, which will be hitting the public test servers this week.

The patch will feature a number of fixes and improvements, including a change to combat responsiveness. Players have complained for months that casting times were inaccurate, and Mythic have focussed on resolving this issue. Players should no longer see a delay when spell casting in normal server conditions, and in high-lag situations there will be a slight pause after the casting bar fills up instead of a "stretch" as there is currently. The UI will also display half second increments as an additional method of predicting casting times more accurately.

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AndyA3546d ago

Sounds like Mythic has listened to the community.

Leord3546d ago

I love it when developers make such show of actual care.

Maticus3546d ago

They have to care, it's a major issue. However, the keep upgrade thing is very cool, really looking forward to it.

Cogo3546d ago

This is one of the things that really prevented lots of fans from enjoying themselves. Could be a major boost in number. Well, not up to 800k, but still!

thetamer3546d ago

I am so glad they fixed the lag on that. SOOOO FRUSTRATING

Maticus3546d ago

The casting time issue was a major bugbear, so glad they're finally looking at it.

Leord3546d ago

I think those half second showings could be a lot more important than people realize.

Cogo3546d ago

Well, lots can actually happen in half a secion. Several keyboard commands, and several small changes in situation. Details are important.

Dorjan3546d ago

I'm just glad for WAR fans!

Fyzzu3546d ago

Wahey. Some nice stuff in that update.

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