Eurogamer: Battlefield Bad Company 2 Preview

Eurogamer: "After watching and reading about Volition's Red Faction: Guerrilla earlier this month, you could be forgiven for turning your nose up at Battlefield: Bad Company 2's "Destruction 2.0". It goes further than the first game's technology, allowing you to flatten whole buildings, but it rather pales next to the insane calculations going on in Guerrilla, where legend has it that designers had to be given structural training because their unrealistic buildings kept falling down under the weight of real physics.

For example, I'm watching producer Patrick Bach play through a seemingly complete single-player mission in Bad Company 2 when he's given a laser designator and instructed to paint a meddlesome tank for air support. Incoming jets immediately take it out and flatten a pair of two-storey buildings adjacent to it, which fall down behind a convenient veil of flying debris and smoke. It looks great, leaving nothing behind (the main criticism of Bad Company's tech was that you couldn't knock everything to the ground), and DICE's Frostbite engine handles it comfortably on the 360 devkit. But you can't, for instance, ram a few RPGs into one of the walls so that the masonry tumbles onto the tank, just to see if it works. It's not as emergent as Red Faction claims it's going to be. Why not?"

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