25-Year-Old Dies: Sexy Girlfriend, Motherly Phone Call, and Wii Fit All Possible Suspects

Ripten: "Tim Eves, a healthy 25-year-old UK man, hung up the phone with his mother only to die abruptly several moments later while playing Wii Fit with his girlfriend. Your first thought may be to link the Wii Balance board (as many outlets are) to his death, but if you stopped there you would be doing your inner detective an epic disservice."

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Twizlex3369d ago

Is there any proof that the girlfriend was actually sexy?

techie3369d ago

Every girl that plays Wii Fit is sexy.

Nostradavis3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

as much proof as there is that the Wii caused him to collapse. and yes, every girl that plays wii fit at least has a nice bottom.

greeneggsnsam3369d ago

Of course there is- there's a picture right there!

Montrealien3369d ago

(only to die abruptly several moments later while playing Wii Fit with his girlfriend)

How do you measure a moment?

Twizlex3369d ago

Not every Wii Fit girlfriend is hot. Let's not forget this:

Nostradavis3369d ago


For the love of God. Are you trying to kill people with that video??

uie4rhig3369d ago

dude i nearly had an heart attack!! damn it!! at least give the people a chance!!

rockbottom30763369d ago

I wonder if iphone gaming will kill somebody. I mean GTA makes serial killers, Wii fit and sexy girls kill, Kids wearing headphones for mobile gaming get killed by cars. Whats left for Iphone and cell phone games?

Montrealien3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )


TheDude2dot03369d ago


My seven year old niece plays Wii Fit.

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Nostradavis3369d ago

Any proof the man was actually healthy? I would also like a recording of the conversation he had with his mother before dying. All the detective shows examine every angle before assuming the cause of death.

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bob saget remix3369d ago

Who gives a flying F about this?

Nostradavis3369d ago

Oh Bob. I never really found you funny. Not even on Full House. Especially on Full House.

TheJadedGamer3369d ago

Who died? His family maybe? Just sayin.

3369d ago
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