Teamxbox: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 First Look

Before you look at the trailer for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and get the wrong idea that it's some crazy stylized art piece made by the guys who made that crazy Wii game Mad World, rest assured. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 looks a lot like last year's original Bad Company just better. But definitely not all two tone.

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Socomer 19793519d ago

Oh my god what happened?
Are you Okay?

Killzone 2 came out like last month.
how does it make you feel to know how many people are playing halo 3?
does it feel like joining a gang?

Jubo13519d ago

how do this turn into a flamewar?

ON TOPIC: game looks like it's going to be great.

poeo3519d ago

someone had to bring up KZ2, and someone had to bring in Halo 3. equals flamewar.

but oh yeah on topic: BF:BC was reaaally fun, but i cant see how they can improve it much, i fear its gonna be almost exactly the same with minor improvements :/ which is fine, but as a greedy gamer i want more of course.

Beg For Mercy3519d ago

guys for bringing up killzone2 but its sad that 360 fans want a game to look better than killzone2 sooooo bad i had to debunk this game cause they were saying it looked on par or a lil better i am not a fanboy i like 360 check my profile, i just prefer ps3

Montrealien3519d ago

I am a fan of games and although Killzone 2 is pushing the PS3 to its limits and is a damn good looking game, In Bad company`s defence, for what it does, it also looks very good. I am confident in saying that it is on par with Kilzone 2, the shear scale of it all and the destructible enviroments and vehicles from jeeps to Helicopters push the game in a different direction. It may not look better pixel for pixel, but it is on par if you factor in all the other stuff going on in the BF games.

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The story is too old to be commented.