Joystiq: GDC09: Terminator Salvation hands-on Preview

Joystiq: Set two years before the movie bearing the same name, Terminator Salvation's, well, salvation from the realm of mediocre shooter-dom is in the hands of Bionic Commando dev Grin. Embedded with the film's production team from day one, sharing creations back and forth, the Swedish group hopes to set the game apart from every other third-person actioneer on the market by playing off the toughness and tenacity of the titular robots.

When we sat down to play the game for the first time, we found a functional shooter that didn't manage to terminate our generally low expectations of movie tie ins.

While we were assured that the game does indeed look like the film on which it precedes in the series' canon, the wash of browns and greens which made up the first levels scenery, combined with its cover mechanic and even the look of John Connor himself had us wondering if this really was a Terminator title or if someone had played way too much Resistance: Retribution. (It looks eerily similar at times; check out the screens.)

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