'Your platforms are not working,' Young tells Sony and Nokia

Key reps and evangelists from newer digital distribution sources Facebook, MySpace, PlayStation Network, N-Gage and iPhone debated the merits of their platforms and new formats in San Francisco today - culminating in a public drubbing of Sony and Nokia by Ngmoco's Neil Young.

What do the other platforms think of iPhone and the noise it makes?

Myspace's Jason Oberfest described it as "very complementary to what we are doing" while Facebook's Gareth Davis said: "We love iPhone, Facebook is one of the most downloaded apps on the device. And Facebook Connect for iPhone means you can connect iPhone to the social network, and are able to use that complement to create new kinds of experiences."

However SCEA's PlayStation Network chief Susan Panico was less confident, suggesting that the majority of games on iPhone weren't ideally targeted to gamers, and that developers aren't happy with it: "But for developers you have to ask what kind of games you want to make. On PS3 or other consoles people are there to game - it's not a retention tool to keep people playing. I know people want to make money, but others do want to make compelling, technically advanced games that appeal to a core gaming audience."

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koehler833544d ago

'Your platforms are not working' he said, after blatantly and completely ripping off LocoRoco.

actas1233544d ago

Come one lets face it, iphone gaming is a horrible experience. It's just frustrating. If someone wants a mobile gaming device then I'd suggest PSP or even DS.

phosphor1123544d ago

It has mistakes like:
"iPhone is a wonderful game to make games for"


"Everyone that ones one has installed at least one app"

I'm assuming this Neil Young guy can speak English. Either that or the writer is miss quoting horribly OR Young is a retard and we shouldn't pay attention to him anyways.

Jockamo3544d ago

terribly written. i can't believe i read the whole thing

SaiyanFury3544d ago

Meh, I don't have an iPhone and I never will. True mobile gaming? That's where my PSP comes in. As for Facebook and Myspace, I don't use either one so I come out on top in every category.

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dj555555553544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Ok how is he comparing faddy 5min games to something with content

v1c1ous3544d ago

He added, comparing a PS3 production with an iPhone one: "What's worse - spending thee months building game with two people, or spending 12 months building a game for 12 months with 25 people and seeing it languish on release?"

he kinda has a point here.

iphone game apps are usually a cpl of ppl taking a few months/weeks to make the game. Compared to next-gen costs of today, making a game for a console costs hundreds of man hours and personnel, and still run the risk of tanking and not making back the investment

Da One3544d ago

to something like the iphone, hell i wouldn't lump thier games in with the DS and PSP

artgamer3544d ago

No, no he doesn't have a point, and I would hate to see gaming going in that direction. 2 guys making a small game for some quick cash.

Untill 2 guys can make games the quality of most next-gen titles out there (Uncharted, Gears, Heavy Rain MGS4 etc. etc), those 2 guys can go eat a d!ck for all I care.

Ju3544d ago

The iphone is the iphone. Sure, low risk low cost development. Heck, I might even do something for the iphone. But I cannot imagine this becoming a long term business opportunity. I mean, you know, like building a company and making money to pay the bills, hiring people and grow.

Yeah, as long as I can do it alone, and it keeps selling for the next 30 years, sure. But its more like a quick shot. You make a game, before the market is saturated, try to maybe come up with 2-3 more ideas, and if you are lucky, in the meantime - because a couple of other million people now try the same - you are out earlier, and these second thoughts sell as well. And if you are, then you might stay in that market long enough to earn your pension. Otherwise its over before it has started...

Jockamo3544d ago

the argument is that "cheaply made games" will be better than invested games. I think there's certainly a place for both. unless apple can convince the gaming community that their ap publishers can produce a quality game that matches that of the DS (..maybe some games on the PSP), the iphone will always take a backseat for games.

seems like all Young is interested in is making a quick buck without any repercussions. nah, I admire companies that go out on a limb and spend painstaking years to produce something memorable, not hajib and kwon sitting in their basement making aps in their spare time

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titntin3544d ago

Whilst I appreciate the two things have a shared cross over space,
comparing games on iphone with games on a dedicated gaming device is pretty difficult - they are aiming at different ends of the market.

Theres no question that a phone like iphone is ideal for any apps or games that involve a level of social comunity, and so the man arguing very definately in its corner is the man from facebook.

But if you've played many iphone games, they really don't offer the same level of gaming as something like a psp.

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