The Best Game Demos Available on Xbox Live writes:

"To save you the work of doing it, we grabbed as many demos as we could on our super-fast connection and played through them looking for the best ones. Our criteria for determining whether or not a demo finds its way onto this list is as follows: the game should be easy to pick up and play, it should offer a good amount of content, and above all else, it should be fun. Here are some of the gems we discovered amongst the pile."

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clinker3373d ago

I wish that more developers would release demos, but I tihnk many are scared that the public will find their game crappy and not buy it.

WildArmed3373d ago

kinda depressing..
either way, I can't believe they didnt mention Burnout Paradise..
Only the best demo out there (Even though they disabled online now :( )
On the bright side it made me buy the game thrice.
360/PS3/PSN lol I'm an idiot.

ShabzS3373d ago

honourary mentions: rainbow six vegas, wheelman and mirrors edge

Rockox3373d ago

I thought the demo for Pure was awesome. I don't typically like driving/racing games, but I downloaded the demo and loved it. I picked up the game as soon as I could. Without the demo, that never would have happened.

Socomer 19793373d ago

is this what bored people do?
Try to download as many demos as you can until your hdd fills up?
and then spend hours deleting them. Thats not fun.

Super fast connection ?
lol, yeah right.

PS360PCROCKS3373d ago

Oops I didn't mean to agree. But yes, sometimes when I get bored I just download a few demos I haven't tried and play them. It's something new, what's wrong with that?

Fox013373d ago

What's wrong with downloading demos, there're free? You need to step outside and breath some fresh air.

skimming3373d ago

Pretty good demo really.

FragMnTagM3373d ago

I believe that is why is not on their list, because that should have definitely made it.

IdleLeeSiuLung3373d ago

Why is it no longer available?

caffman3373d ago

but the demo was the entire first level!

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