PSN ID Registration

If you're worried someone might claim your desired gamer tag you can now register/reserve your ID without the PS3 console.

You can reserve you PSN ID now (PS3 Gamertag). You have to sign-in on your PS3 using the email your provide when you reserve the ID, on or before March 31 otherwise it will no longer be reserved for you. You must be atleast 18 to sign up.

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techie4290d ago (Edited 4290d ago )

Can I do this even though I won't be getting a ps3 until June?

What do you mean? You mean that I can get a ps3 account and that will last me...but my online name won't be reserved unless I do it before 31st march? I'm confused...

GaMr-4290d ago

If you have someone sign in for you on the 31st of march. then yeah sure.

kingboy4289d ago

I registered my handle 2 weeks after ps3 launched in America and it expires sometime around June 2008 during which i`ll need to register with a ps3 for proper handle ownership.