The Top Spelunker Player In Japan Is A Pin-Up Model

...though, calling idol Haruna Anno simply a "pin-up model" isn't entirely accurate. She's a gaming idol and not by accident.

Last month, Haruna posted her Street Fighter IV online stats. She had fought in 214 fights, won 178 of them and lost 36. Her winning percentage was an impressive 83.13 percent.

Haruna is hardly a casual player. Her room is a gaming shrine, filled with retro game hardware, an arcade cabinet and games - lots of games. She's dead serious about playing, too. She claims to have once played Chrono Trigger for 36 hours straight and has whizzed through Super Mario Bros. so many times that she can clear World 1-1 without looking at the screen.

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Chris Hansen3279d ago

Don't even think about it, people. I have plenty of seats...

Pedo-Bear3279d ago

This looks interesting and shes a gamer too. *sees chris hansen* Gotta go!!!!

JD_Shadow3279d ago


*fires a gun to his head and dies*


Why am I laughing at this so much on the inside?

Azurite3279d ago

She's 20+ years old...

ShiftyLookingCow3279d ago

To aid the war against overpopulation, Chris Hansen had set the new age limit to 60. So 20 is like way way way too young.

SiLeNt KNighT3279d ago

am i free to walk out the door?

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She can pwn me proper!


Bubbles to Chris and Pedo for the laughs. xD