Killzone 2 1.21 Patch Releasing Tuesday

GamersDigest writes;

"Guerilla Games have confirmed that the 1.21 patch for Killzone 2 will be releasing Tuesday, 31st March at 8AM GMT."


The patch is now live, the file comes in at 23MB.

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koehler833547d ago

They should have clarified the conditions of 'unranked'

BrunoM3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

if you add boots to your map (or join one with boots) it will be unranked and it will tell you before u start the math its unranked .

and da,m good they are stoping the glitch (i didn't know there was) now i get why those damn kid were getting head shots soo fast one after the other even with hand guns ...

im at the rank im at but thats cus im actually good at it then loll..

cactuschef3547d ago

Anytime I see someone complain about the autoaim glitch they always mention someone getting a bunch of head shots. I've tried this little trick just to see how it works and it doesn't really work as good as most people would have you believe. Its only useful if someone runs by you really fast, and hits the body more than the head. Its actually a pretty worthless trick, unless you find aiming too difficult to do manually.

SiLeNt KNighT3547d ago

game works excellent for me now, cant wait for the update to fix the minor things. i have a disconnect issue here and there and sometimes when you go into a room the host connection is HORRIBLE and the lag kicks in, like any online game. it would be nice if GG could eliminate people with a slow connection from creating games. it ruins the experience for all of us or at least show the servers ping for the game like socom used to. someone accused me of glitching when i was sniping. sorry buddy, ive been sniping since socom 2, im just pretty decent at it. watch you heads out there folks!

JBaby3433546d ago

My Sniper rifle would drive me freakin crazy jumping around everywhere. Definitely a welcome fix.

Naucious3546d ago

I still think the hit response lags a lil bit, they should clear that up as well, but that auto aim thing i have never heard before but now i understand how people would give me head shots from long distances while they are moving and i am as well, makes since but I still whooped their @$$ so im not complaining lol.... good gaming to everyone

earwax3546d ago

Now that is a patch they REALLY could use!

dantesparda3546d ago

"Standardization of the Y-Axis controls on the HGH Scout when zoomed with the Sniper Rifle." ----Can someone explain what this problem is?

"Fix to Sensitivity setting where the weapon animation did not follow the reticule correctly." ----Same with this one, what guns had this issue?

"Fix to list of games displayed on search." ----What was the issue with the list?

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sajj3163547d ago

Thank you! I was on the edge of insanity after frequent disconnects over the weekend.

Tryst3547d ago

Great support from GG.

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