PS3 Price Cut Announcement Expected

It's official. The Internet is abuzz with speculation which is pointing to a huge global announcement relating to the PlayStation 3 coming in March 31st. Leading the pack of most likely rumors is the oft-prayed-for price cut of the hardware itself. The PlayStation 3 remains the most expensive console of this current generation, and has been witnessing substantially less growth than the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 at retail.

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Death3543d ago

How much more is the $399 PS3 then the $399 Xbox 360 Elite? Sure, the PS3 will sell better at a lower MSRP, but it's a tired arguement that it's over priced. Blu-Ray, built in wi-fi and an increasingly growing library of games should more than justify it's price that is in-line with the high end Xbox 360 SKU. A price cut now will make the fans happy, but it won't be good for Sony's bottom line.


lento3543d ago

when u break it apart the ps3 as is right now is a hell of a deal..... but i guess with the economy and such to get a ps3 in ppls hands sony might have to bite the bullet and drop that price

solidt123543d ago

They really don't have to drop the price because they are making money and still selling alot of consoles, but a price cut would be welcome. They are selling slightly less than the 360 and half the price. That's amazing.

Game13a13y3543d ago

and then they seem to forget that
$50 XBL
$99 wireless
$150 120GB HDD

oh well, a price drop wouldn't hurt. but as far as i'm concern, you even get an extra Blu-ray drive, which a 360 will never have. either way, price drop or not, PS 3 is still a pretty good deal.

ultimolu3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

Well Death, you know the media. They have to go up and beyond the call of duty to ruin the PS3's reputation.

Shadow Flare3543d ago

I think some people forget that just looking at hardware, when they buy a 360, they're actually buying a ps2 with a better graphics card. And when they buy a wii, they're just buying a gamecube with a waggly controller. Ps3 is by a mile the best value for money out there and in hardware, it takes an elegant dump on the other two. That would count for nothing if its software wasn't up to scratch but there too, ps3 takes a triple A exclusive dump on the other 2 as well

commodore643543d ago

@ shadowflare... i gotta laugh!

*wipes tears*

Isn't it funny how this "ps2 with a better graphics card" outperforms the mighty ps3 in well over a hundred multiplats?

What does that make the ps3?

..just saying.


SRU96003543d ago

What are people going to do if Sony drops the price and the PS3 still doesn't sell well?

The high price of the PS3 has long been the excuse for poor sales, but maybe the gaming community simply doesn't want what the PS3 has to offer, regardless of its price.

Food for thought.

solidjun53543d ago

"but maybe the gaming community simply doesn't want what the PS3 has to offer, regardless of its price. "

How'd you come to that analysis? hmmmm...?

So last year, when the PS3 was outselling the 360 prior to the 360 price drop, what contributed to that then? hmmm...?

SRU96003543d ago

Don't be so defensive.

That wasn't my "analysis", it was just a question for people to ponder.

SL1M DADDY3543d ago

What does that make the PS3?

Um... new hardware?

Just saying.

Shadow Flare3543d ago

Multiplatforms lol. Where's 360's Killzone 2? A console that had a year headstart and is easier to program for and it has zero games that are close to the calibur of killzone 2

Gotta laugh

Mindboggle3543d ago

Jeez stop bickering about prices....Its clear the value for money argument isn't really holding up and im guessing people only care about the price.

PS3 is doing really good considering the price, and in Europe its only a couple of thousand behind every week, and some weeks its above the 360. So its up to Sony whether they want the sales to surpass the 360 or to make the most money. We all know Microsoft are in it for sales...And dont care if they make a £1 per console.

But if theres no price cut why does it matter, its not like the PS3 is suddenly going to drop dead and chuck the towel in. Its still making loads of money for Sony and Publishers, they still have a huge fanbase and the games are selling great.

IdleLeeSiuLung3543d ago

It's funny how people complain that the price is not too high!

Lower price is always good and the PS3 has great value, great games and doubles as a blu-ray player. How come it sells less than the 360 in the US? The only reason I can see other than marketing is the price.

Either way, there hasn't been any ads supporting this price drop supposedly tomorrow so I think it is highly unlikely.

theKiller3543d ago

thats makes the ps3 1 year behind and its catching up faster in software sales!!

Lifendz3543d ago

kinda dangerous IMO that the media can complain about something so much that it prompts a billion dollar company to make a decision. I enjoy my PS3 and I really don't want to see Sony go the Sega route just because it felt it had to drop price.

I guess the 100 dollar drop is iminent. I suppose it'll really get people buying the PS3 and, hopefully, some of the great exclusives that sold well but not amazingly well will do better.

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Sangria3543d ago

People shouldn't hype too much that story. If it's indeed an April Fool from Kotaku, the more people hype that story, the more jubilating they will be when they will announce it's a joke.

commodore643543d ago

wait. that's one day before april 1st, right?


JD_Shadow3543d ago

Just keep trying to distract, man. You're not helping.

commodore643542d ago

ooops... now you feel a bit silly, yeah?
Happy April fool's day.


Strife Lives3543d ago

:( ,Im still hoping. . .until its announced by Sony themselves.....I want BC. . .My ps2 broke last month,and 3 disc read errors and my slimline just stopped reading discs. . .Im not buyhng another.

Mindboggle3543d ago

It wont be....The PAL 60gb was running PS2 through half a PS2's chipset and half emulation, and that PS2 chip has been removed....So I dont see how they can fully software emulate it..

Anon19743543d ago

There was another SKU, I think the 80GB Sku from the start has BC without the PS2 guts inside, it was all software. So it's obvious they have the teck, they just aren't using it at the moment.

I think it would make sense to release the PS2 emulation as part of an update and then start releasing classic PS2 games over the PSN. That's been the rumored plan since they removed BC in the first place. Or maybe they'll make people pay for it. Who knows?

Nineball21123543d ago

You're correct Darkride. I have that 80GB sku and it does indeed have BC. It was the Motorstorm bundle.

I've played several PS2 games on it and it works like a charm as far as I'm concerned.

If they started releasing PS2 games on PSN, I'd be buying quite a few... especially once I upgrade my HDD which I plan to eventually do.

gamesmaster3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

i think there are 2 inherant problems with software emulation on the ps3 for ps2 games, one of which is why they removed it from the 80gb bundle.

complete software emulation means that the possibility of hackers accessing the rsx completely through backrunning of emulation software is very real. hackers are very fickle, if its a software based emulation you can bet they'll find a way to crack it and get ps2 backups running on a ps3. how long befor ps3 back-ups become a reality? (take psp running snes and ps1 games through emulation).

the other is the fact that the ps2 is still in the market, and games are still being released for it.

although i hope they release BC because i have alot of ps2 games i want to play and my launch ps2 is very tired.

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