PS3 titles more than half-off on Amazon (UK)

If you're a PS3 owner lucky enough to live across the pond, good news. Amazon has singled you out for savings.

Exclusive to the UK, Amazon has slashed more than 50% off of several PlayStation 3 games including LittleBigPlanet, Grand Theft Auto IV, Mirror's Edge and Tomb Raider Underworld.

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Vip3r3521d ago

They've also got really cheap Blu-rays for £8-£10 too. Got 3 for the price of 2 the other day.

jromao3521d ago

...there are others webshops with much better offers, even shipping cost in aren't nice for european orders, they apply shipping cost PLUS taxes, while other shops even from UK don't charge Taxes and only charge 1/2 pounds for shipping fee.

About the prices itself don't have nothing better, I will not advertise here the name of the other shops because I'm not selling nothing.

Sheddi3521d ago

But if I wask u will u tell me the site names?
What are they :)?

WhittO3521d ago

ye im looking for cheap blu-rays !

Cant wait till Watchmen is released on blu-ray, that is already a buy for me!!

JohnSlaught3521d ago

I mainly use, but they mostly send from Switzerland and may be subject to toll.

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norman293521d ago

lol @ the Resident evil 5 limited edition being £5 cheaper than the normal game

Daoshai3521d ago

But its a great deal all the same, great for any ps3 owner looking to catch up on some great titles

volcane3521d ago

I think is cheaper and has no p&p

dcbronco3521d ago

Bargain binned already. Wow.