Massively: One Shots: A second flashback to another time


"It seems like, with EverQuest's 10th Anniversary celebration going on, a few people have managed to dig out some interesting screenshots of what they remember the world to be like when they started. Today's One Shots is another such example, taking us back to an earlier time of bat and skeleton killing, when people could drop gear they didn't need on low-level mobs and really brighten up a new player's day. This look back comes from the files of Anthony H. who writes in: It has been a few years, but here [is one] of the images I will always remember from EverQuest. This is a screenshot from the first time I really looked at Felwithe. By modern standards, it is nothing special, but it really struck me as a sign of how beautiful EverQuest could be. He's sent in another image, which we'll show off in an upcoming One Shots!"

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