Massively: The Daily Grind: How much grind is too much?


"Grind. There's no mechanic in MMOs quite as discussed, debated and decried. Some people dread it, feeling that having any form of recognizable grind in an mmo just destroys the experience for them. Others actually enjoy it, when there's only a little of it at a time, or it's for a recognizable goal, such as grinding materials to level tradeskills or grinding instances to get a certain drop. For still others, who seemingly have the patience of a saint, they'll take pretty much any amount of grind dished out just to continue playing a particular game, grinding for hours, days, weeks, months to accomplish the smallest of things. This morning we thought we'd ask - at what point does a particular game cross from merely difficult or time-consuming to 'grind' for you? Or are they pretty much one in the same? Are you OK with some small amount of grind, or does it send you running for the cancel account/uninstall the second you experience it? How much grind is too much?"

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