Massively: One Shots: The well-dressed tummy


"While we hear epic tales of battle and see many images of carnage, every so often something almost (dare I say it) cute comes out of Warhammer Online for us to smile at. While most Orcs woud be considered fearsome, they also tend to be a little on the dense side. You almost have to appreciate just how excited an orc would be to look down and realize there's a face staring back at him from his own midsection. To expound on this a bit, we bring you the note that goes along with today's Warhammer Online One Shots from Ali for illumination. I finally got a new looking belt for my black ork on the Phoenix server. I realized while jumping the skull on my chest from tier 3 keep and the ork jaw from the belt made a perfect Orky Skull. I wonder if the devs had that in mind when they were making it. I don't know Ali, but somehow I'd bet good money that they'd be amused to see an orc bouncing around telling everyone nearby to look at his tummy."

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