Star Trek Online's newest starship is Oslo sleek and dangerous


"Designed in the 2390's (around 14 years before the game's stardate, 2409) the Oslo class is one of the earlier heavily modular ships pushed for by Starfleet Corps of Engineers after the Dominion wars. Thus, the Oslo was based on the Norway class, although shares many components with the Akira and Zephyr classes. By emphasizing on this type of design, an Oslo class starship crew is capable of rapid field repairs after battle using generally whatever components they have on hand."

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Mutley4163523d ago

Dude,,,I`m waitin for the New Movie...and now your teasin me with this...Fackin Ferngy`s

Are_The_MaDNess3523d ago

"the Oslo class"


wait a tick
I live in Oslo!

OMGOMGOMG! lets fly into a black hole!


Oslo is in Norway if you didnt know.

BTW the game looks great

coolfool3523d ago

this is some seriously geeky detail. I watched the star trek series but I have no idea when it comes to all the ship classes.

Amp3523d ago

Kirk or Picard will pilot it into a planet. how many ships have they destroyed in the movies? Progresive or Geico insurance wont touch them! ;)

Mutley4163523d ago

LMAO...The federation uses AAA...and they pay in credits that are only good @ Quarks Bar!!! Bubbles for the laugh...