Gran Turismo 5's "all platforms" release timing will depend on "what makes the most sense," says Koller

SCEA's director of hardware marketing, John Koller, has told VG247 that Gran Turismo 5's release timing across "all platforms" is still a matter of seeing "what makes the most sense."

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BrunoM3518d ago

Some how isee poeple not even readin the story and taking the title as the game going to the 360 (GT5 that is)

.. hummm and GT5 i dont see it coming to the psp maibe launch game for psp2 .. lol ( i can dream i can dream )

SL1M DADDY3518d ago

But to those of us that venture to read this site, it is all to obvious that GT5 or any GT for that matter will never see the light of day on any other brand console. It's interesting too, I have waited so long for this title that I have cleared it from my anticipation list. I will get it when it hits the store shelves. I just cannot keep anticipating the title any longer. It's a day one purchase for me but it was just getting too painful desiring this game. lol

gaffyh3518d ago

Very misleading title. Means PSP and PS3

BrunoM3518d ago

good to see im not the only one that was thinking that lol....

ive seen that alot of peoople start talking in post here but turns out they dont read the news lol.. but o well..

ya the game will b first day for me too cant wait .. until then lol killzone and uncharted2 .. ( and what ever else sony trows at us lol hahaa)

locos853517d ago

So is this PS3 and PSP or PS3 and PS2, or all three???

Mikerra173517d ago

these guys really wanted hits

kevnb3517d ago

another stupid blog on n4g...

godofthunder103517d ago

Ps3 fanboys are so bias that i didn't even think that they were this pathetic.He said and i quote (“But we are looking at GT5 across all platforms, just to see what makes the most sense.”).The ps3 fanboys that said he was talking about the psp,if he was he would have said it.The man was talking about the 360 not the psp like ps3 fanboys claim.It's just a childish,bias,stupid and pathetic remark.The fact is that their arguments doesn't make any damn since.

Ps3 fanboys allways say crap like this.They are always saying that microsoft is always buying sony exclusives because they can't come up with their own games.They were even getting pissed off when people was saying that mgs4 might come to the 360.The fact is that Final FANTASY,NINJA GAIDEN,METAL GEAR SERIES,and other top ps exclusives was NINTENDOs exclusives 1st.The fact is that when the ps 1st came out Sony went after ever game that was on the nintendo and bought the exclusive rights to every 1 they could and it was a smart move by sony.The fact is that micr is doing the same thing to sony what sony did to nintendo.The fact is that ps3 fanboys act like micrsoft is the only 1 to do that and it's evil.They think that no matter what sony does it's alrigh to do it but it's not for any one else.

Ps3 fanboys did the same thing with the 3 year warrinty microsoft gave the people for the defect in the 360.They jumped up and down and said that they were screwing the people with just a 3 year warrinty.They claimed that sony never did and never do any thing like that because sony looks out for them(what a joke).When the ps2 1st came out it had a defected was sued and lost and only gave a 2 month warrinty on the defect.My ps2 went out about 6 or 7 months after i had it.I called sony and they told me the extra 2 month warrinty was over.They said i would have to pay $100 to have the drive fixed.In 3 years i bought 2 ps2 and fixed cost me about $700.I bought 2 360s at launch.I had to send 1 back in the second year i had it and it didn't cost me a dime.In other words i had to pay about $700 in 3 years because of the defected drive in the ps2 and it didn't cost me a dime with the 360.I guess ps3 fanboys were rigt.Sony would never give a 3 year warrinty for 1 of the defects in the ps they only give a 2 month warrinty.

The fact is that ps3 fanboys think that the ps3 is the greatest thing since the creation of man.They think that every time a person here or see a ps3 they should jump up and down,fall to their knees and thak god for it.As a matter of fact x play gave kz2 a 5 out of 5.They still had ps3 fanboys emailing them because of what the rateing was of the game.They were saying that he hates sony and they were bias for the 360.They pitched a fit because he said it shold had better online play or it should have online play.Like i said they gave it a 5 out of 5 but they still wasn't happy.

The fact is he was talking about the 360.The fact is that the 360 have close to 8 million more units sold then the ps3.On top of that almost ever crossplateform game sold more on the 360 then the ps3 and that's a fact.The psp had never had a game on the top seller lists and that's a fact.Now how in the hell will it make more since to put it on the psp when it can't sell the games that's on it now.The fact is that the 360 is what they are talking about.Hell if people would start using their brains instead of acting like a bunch of morons they could see it.They know that the 360 sold more units,more cross platform games,and sold more software then the ps3 and that's a fact.Befor ps3 fanboys make another stupid bias remarks they need to atleast list 1 reason why it would be a smarter move to put the game on the psp instead of saying-NO,THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT THE THE OTHER PERFECT SONY PRODUCT THE PSP.I know that they have 360 fanboys to but ps3 fanboys out # them atleast 3 or 4 to 1 and it's growing.Ps3 fanboys remind me of a bunch of kids that lost a game and can't stand it so they makeup all kind of excuses why they lost and it's pathetic.

I admitt that i have a 360 and i wouldn't trade it for a ps3 for anything.I think that it's better then the ps3 but that's mine opponion and i know some people love the ps3 and they belive the same thing and i respect their opponion.The 360 and ps3 are both great systems with great games.They both have + and - things about them.The 360 does somethings better then the ps3 and the ps3 does somethings better then the 360.The truth is that exclusives are getting less and less especially when they don't have a domionate system any longer.The reason that the ps had all kind of exclusives before was because they didn't have any competition and they dominated the game market.The fact is that not only is sony not dominatin any longer but they are in 3rd place right now.Developers will have to put their games on both systems to make the money they use to when sony was dominating the market.The fact is that sony will never dominate the market anylong,the fact is that no one will and it's a good thing for all of us.

unlike pathetic fanboys i wish that the games were on every system.They act like it will kill them if a game on the system they have is on the other system and it's childish.The only thing that will happen is that every 1 will be able to enjoy the game and it's a good thing.

CommonSense3517d ago

now someone is going to have to write an article about all the PS3 fanboys that nearly died today when their heart stopped beating at the idea that their precious exclusives might go multiplat.

seriously...only a ps3 fanboy would get mad about other gamers getting to experience what would have been an exclusive.

you can sleep easy sony freaks. sony still has exclusivity.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33517d ago

Gran Turismo, the #1 racing franchise, which all other racers strive to emulate(FORZA3), will never grace the xbox 360 - it would take more than 3 discs to include all the content!

This game is massive, over 1000 cars, tons of tracks, all done in 1080p at 60fps, the only racer to achieve this.

What this article is referring to is whether or not it will come out on PC, which Sony has hinted at before. It most likely will, but long after the console version is released, seeing as how computer piracy accounts for up to 60% of a games circulation.

I just think its funny how people try and claim Forza is better than GT when Forza is just a pale imitator. W/O GT there is no FORZA!

Sharpshell3517d ago


360 of the win!!!

Sony haz no exclusives!!!!!


Dandiego3517d ago

I just hope you don't have to pay 400$ of REAL money to have all the cars like the rip off prologue was... DLC is at it's early days and there is alot of abuse from developers

Danja3517d ago

Sony own the IP rights to the Gran Turismo Franchise so there';s not even a chance of this going Multi-plat...

Sony is smart enough to actually own the rights to the games they publish and not just sign some contract and fund development :)

velaxun3517d ago

I can see why you only have one bubble... you're a bloody moron. First off, Metal Gear was indeed Nintendo, Metal Gear SOLID however has been sony from the start. get your facts straight. Second, Sony owns the GT franchise, it will never see the light of day on 360 or PC. They are definitely talking about PS3 and PSP releases.

No Way3517d ago

Without Pong <Insert Game Here> Would Not Exist! STFU!

Forza and GT have their own pluses and negatives. Both are great games.

Sharpshell3517d ago

hilarious! I was just having fun with the title but i guess hear at n4g people don't understand sarcasm, obviously this has nothing to do with the 360 lol!! too funny

Saigon3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

how people always say that PS3 Fanboys are naive because they said all platforms. Seriously, I don't know how fanboys stretch the truth. If you read the article. The comment is coming from a Sony executive. Also Sony owns the IP rights to GT. This is the big part, Sony owns the company that makes GT, Polyphony. Go to their webstie.

The second link tells how they were created.

So how is this game coming to all system. Its a choice of words, the game is coming to all Sony Systems...

I can't believe the ignorance...

- Ghost of Sparta -3517d ago

Polyphony Digital is owned by Sony but I'm sure the fanboys who clicked on this must have gotten their hopes up LMAO!

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AngryHippo3518d ago

....something on this game. Probably have to wait until E3 for any sort of information. =0( Its going to be amazing though, thats for sure. This is one of the games that if I didn't have a PS3 already, I would pick one up just for this game.

SasanovaS7773517d ago

rofl they have gta5 prelude out u imbecile

Buttons3517d ago

Thanks for the unnecessary patronizing answer, you dolt.

Hiruma Youchi3518d ago

the title makes people think that they talking "All platforms" like wii X360 and all that.

they talkin bout PSP and PS3 actually. sum bout E3 footage and gameplay

ShiftyLookingCow3517d ago

confirmed GT5 releases on PS3, PSP, 360, Wii, PC, PS2, Gamecube, Xbox, Dreamcast, PS1, N64, Genesis, SNES, ... Also rumored exclusive content on the Phantom!!

JHUX3517d ago

YES!!! I've been waiting to break my phantom out.

Buttons3517d ago

Don't forget the Commodore 64!

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jay23518d ago

They should just kill GT Mobile, taking way too long on it.

BrunoM3518d ago

Psp 2 day one who knows ( i can dream lol )

hfaze3517d ago

Actually, if the PSP2 launched with Gran Turismo Mobile it would make for a HUGE PSP2 launch... :-)

Although the current PSP could use a huge title like GT:M... Hopefully more will be announced @ E3.