Sony: Home is the "perfect storm" for publishers

Sony's Home team has told that its online service is becoming the "perfect storm" for games publishers looking to interact directly with their consumers.

Three months after launch, and with the first tangiable user details being fed back to partners, publishers are now able to build more unique content for users, and turn that content in revenues.

"Every major publisher is interested in Home. Here you can speak directly to the PlayStation audience on the platform that your product is on," said Jack Buser, director of Home for Sony Computer Entertainment, in an exclusive interview published today.

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donnie-21053546d ago

home is a waste of space,does it have potential should have got the simple things right like in game chat, standard mics for all,accesibility ect..this is why i prefer my online games to be on live,i do not want to meet up in a second rate virtual world.i bought a console to play games socialising should allways be fans please do not state that it is still in beta as they have been wasting money on it for many years and if it was still a beta it shows sonys misdirection and sheer incompetence.i used it twice then deleted.

nefertis3546d ago

Im looking forward to these updates

Kurisu3545d ago

I don't think that Home is a waste of space. Sure, it maybe a little...lacking, for now at least. But with Xi being released a few days ago, and Sony stating that we can expect three new spaces a month, things are looking up for Home. SCEE still haven't updated EU Home with the Uncharted, Warhawk, Gamer's Lounge and Guitar Hero spaces yet though, so maybe we can expect them soon.

ColossiSlayer3545d ago

does live even have an equivalent to Home? Standard Mic, there is one, or you can use a PS Eye. Some people like being social, you talk like you don't even own a PS3 let alone "downloaded it twice and deleted it". Sony doesn't force Home on you. You talk about the priority being Games. Home only expands a game (Warhawk Room). I don't call it a beta either, but anyone can see the evident possibilities within Home. Think of it as a virtual myspace or facebook, or for the old heads an interactive chat room. Donnie grow up, Home amazing if you take your M$ glasses off.