JAW to announce "Project V," first-party SCEE game, at E3

VG247: UK developer Just Add Water has confirmed via Twitter that it's to announced "Project V," a first-party SCEE title, at E3.

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jkhan3248d ago

Never heard of them. Well I hope it's a full blown title like Warhawk etc. available at retail as well as PSN.

caladbolg7773247d ago

I said it before about "Alan Wake" and I'll say it again about "Project V". I just cannot, for the life of me, get excited about a game that I know nothing about.

rockleex3247d ago

Whatever happened to the BBC secret game?! O_o

I'm starting to get scared of what Sony has under their sleeves...


Chris Hansen3248d ago

Okay, now this is just getting out of hand. Sony needs to tone it down a notch with the exclusives. How the hell am I suppose to afford all these games as a college student with only a part-time job?

Etseix3248d ago

dude.. tell that to me, i dont even have a part-time job!
i even sold my wallet for 20 bucks lol (no money was in ;))
SONY ! this is nonsense!! stop already!

DeadlyFire3247d ago

You don't need every single exclusive you know. Sony wants you to pick and choose. :P

Ju3247d ago

Not sure if that's gonna happen. LOL. :) In a part of the PhyreEngine presentation, some Sony guy mentioned "there are about 2000 games in development using the engine". PhyreEngine is Sony's entry level engine mostly used (but not exclusively) for low budget PSN titles (and, well, that engine just got pimped with SPU based deferred light rendering). If only 10% make it to the market, that's still plenty.

Cajun Chicken3248d ago

I have not heard of 'Just Add Water' as a developer before. '5'

DeforMAKulizer3248d ago

Someone else agree that E3 is gonna blow us away?!!
Im sure MS and Sony have tons planned, i just hope and utterly wish to see Nintendo announce a New Zelda fully designed for the Wii or something interesting...
But Sony is on a roll with exclusives, but why so darn secretive! :P

Antan3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

J.A.W are friends of mine, Stewart Gilray owns the company. I worked with him in the early 90`s at 21st Century. I know what type of game it is but of course you`re just gonna have to wait till its unveiled!

zaldare3247d ago

Well, you're not helping at all by saying that :D

Cheeseknight283247d ago

What were Projects I-IV? I'm familiar with almost every game developer but I've never heard of JAW. They don't even have a Wikipedia page.

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The story is too old to be commented.